8 model-proof ice cream recipes to die for from my favorite food bloggers

Healthy Ice Creams To Die For By My Top 8 Favorite Food Bloggers

Since I bought my food processor a few months ago I have experimented with making healthy ice cream a lot. These experiments have led me to discovering very cool healthy food blogs. In this article I share model-proof ice cream recipes to die for from my favorite gluten-free, sugar free, lactose-free and/or vegan food or bloggers.

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1.  Goat Cheese, Vanilla Bean, Honey and Lavender Ice Cream

Sugar free, gluten free. 

Goat Cheese Vanilla Bean Honey and Lavender Ice Cream by The Healthy Foodie

Recipe and image: The Healthy Foodie


2. Strawberry & Rhubarb Ripple FroYo

Sugar free, gluten free.

Strawberry & Rhubarb Ripple FroYo

Recipe and image: Green Kitchen Stories


3.  Almond Joy Coconut Ice Cream

Vegan, sugar free, lactose free, gluten free. 

Almond Joy {Coconut} Ice Cream by Naturally Ella

Recipe and image: Naturally Ella


4.  Coconut Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Gluten free, sugar free, lactose free, dairy free, vegan when using vegan chocolate chunks.

Dairy free, lactose free, gluten free coconut chocolate chip ice cream by Elena's Pantry

Recipe and image: Elena’s Pantry


5. Raw Butterfinger Ice Cream

Vegan, raw, sugar free, gluten free.

Raw Butterfinger Ice Cream by The Vegan 8

Recipe and image: The Vegan 8


6. Coconut Milk Ice Cream with Pistachio Crumb and Blueberries

Vegan, gluten free, sugar free.

Coconut Milk Ice Cream with Pistachio Crumb and Blueberries {Vegan + Gluten Free} by Top With Cinnamon

Recipe and image: Top With Cinnamon 


7. Chai Coconut Ice Cream

Gluten free, lactose free, sugar free, vegan.

Chai Coconut Ice Cream

Recipe and image: Nourished Kitchen


8.  Rhubarb Ice Cream with Pistachio Chunks

Dairy free, sugar free, gluten free.

rhubarb ice cream with pistachio chunks dairy-free by What's Cooking Good Looking

Recipe and image: What’s Cooking Good Looking


Bonus: Quick, Easy & Healthy Banana Cashew Nut Ice Cream with Avocado

Gluten free, sugar free, lactose free, vegan.

:actose Free Healthy Banana Cashew Nut Avocado Ice Cream

Image and recipe: Great Body & Skin 


I always use this Philips Avance to make ice cream, but I heard people have good experiences with the Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker as well.



Which of these recipes is your favorite recipe?

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  1. I’m really impressed by your comprehensive guide here. Yoiu’ve gone to a lot of effort to experiment and to get this right. I’m made my own vanilla ice cream before, without an ice cream maker but I’ve always wanted to make my own yogurt ice cream. I don’t have an ice cream maker so one day I will need to try this. Bravely! Thanks for this recipe!

  2. These recipes look very delicious! Anyone would die to try them. Very much recommended for those who are into health consciousness yet wish to enjoy delicious foods.
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  3. Really looking forward to try 1. Goat Cheese, Vanilla Bean, Honey and Lavender Ice Cream! Such an interesting combination 🙂




  4. Thank you so much for the lovely mention!! You made my day! So glad you love the ice cream 🙂

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