[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hese cereals made of raw super foods keep your body strong and energized, feed your muscles, balance your hormonal level, control munching, cure skin problems like acne and dryness, prevent premature skin aging and promote radiant skin and will help you to burn fat and slim down your butt*.

In the mix

So, what does this power woman breakfast cereal consist of? It consists of raw, organic, dried white mulberries and goji berries, coconut shavings, unsalted and unroasted Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts, flax seed, chia seeds, pumpkin and sunflowerseeds and bee pollen. Tasty super foods that are model proof 😉 and full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and monounsaturated fatty acids.

I bought the ingredients separately at Vitaminstore, De Tuinen and my local organic supermarket (in the Netherlands: EKO Plaza. US: Whole Foods). Bob’s Red Mill’s organic seeds and Mattisson superfoods are great as well. Anyway, I mixed them all together in a big jar. Every morning I mix a couple of spoons through my goat or soy yoghurt and enjoy a nutrient bomb that keeps me satisfied for a couple of hours. It’s not necessary to add stevia (off course, we don’t use table sugar anymore!) or cinnamon, since the berries and bee pollen already give this cup of love a sweet taste.

More about the ingredients
You probably already are familiar with some of the ingredients, others are less known by the general public. Therefore, below I will detail these must-eat ingredients and its benefits for your body and skin.
Dried white mulberries: a dried blackberry-like fruit (not a berry as the name suggests) from eastern and central China. Dried, this berry is chewy and has a soft sweet taste. Despite of its sweet taste, it is low in calories. Mulberries contain many health beneficial nutrients, such as potassium, which helps control heart rate and blood pressure, treats anxiety and stress, increases muscular strength and metabolism and controls water balance. Moreover, mulberries are full of iron and flavonoids, which are beneficial to the skin due to their anti-oxidant activity. Anti-oxidants help to protect the skin from harmful free radicals that promote premature aging.

Mulberries are also sanatory for bacterial infections and due to its good amounts of vitamin B-6, niacin, riboflavin and folic acid, they stimulate the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Mulberries furtermore contains vitamin E, which make these berries an excellent anti-aging and flaky skin treating food.

Dried goji berries: A goji berry is a small, dried, sweet, red berry from the Himalaya. A goji berry contains more vitamin c and beta-carotene per gram than oranges and carrots. Both beta-caroteen and vitamin C are great nutrients for your skin. The nutritional value of goji berries is quite comparable to mulberries.

Dried black chia seeds: seeds from the chia herb, originally from Mexico. It is said that this plant has been cultivated by the Aztecs. The seeds are high in fiber and protein and contain more calcium per gram (which is important for women in their menopause) than milk. Besides, chia seeds contain omega 3 and 6 fatty acids; omega 3 is an essential oil that controls the blood sugar level. Omega 6 is an essential oil that strengthens the immune system, cures infections and lowers cholesterol. The carbs from chia seeds are released slowly into the blood, which is favorable for the blood sugar level. Chia seeds also contain essential minerals like potassium. Take care that when taking chia seed, drinking lots of water is important.

Bee pollen: sweet tasting bee pollen are the seed found on the stamen of flower blossoms. The pollen have a yellow color and taste sweet, which makes it unnecessary to add a sweetener to your yoghurt. Bee pollen are excellent to add to a smoothie as well.

The early Egyptian and early Chinese civilizations both used it as a physical rejuvenator and medicine. The Greek physician Hippocrates, recognized as the father of modern medicine, used pollen as a healing substance over 2,500 years ago. Today natural health practitioners often refer to bee pollen as a herbal “fountain of youth” that can be used for everything from weight loss to cancer prevention. Bee pollen promote many health benefits, like a better immune function, significant increase in your energy and slow down the aging process.

Bee pollen contain protein, fatty acids, carbs and many antioxidants and vitamins (like A for anti-aging and E for soft skin), minerals and several flavonoids.

More familiar products:

Coconut: the palm tree is called the ‘Tree of Life” in Asian and Pacific populations, due to the high nutritional value and healing function of its fruit. The coconut is the fruit of the palm tree and the coco is the meat of the fruit. The coco is used for many purposes, for instance as a sun protective and for cooking. Coco is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, boosts energy and increases metabolic rate, keeps blood sugar levels balanced, is a protective anti-oxidant, softens skin and helps solving dryness and flaky skin, promotes healthy looking hair, treats skin infections, kills herpes and treats candida infection.

Brazil nut: actually a seed from the fruit of the Brazil nut tree. Brazil nuts are relatively low in carbs and high in protein and fatty acids. Although Brazil nuts contain the most saturated fatty acids of all nuts, they contain a lot of selenium, which is correlated with keeping the immune system strong and a reduced risk of both breast and prostate cancer.

Brown broken flax seed: seeds from the flax plant, which finds its origin in the region eastern Mediterranean to India. Flax seed contains line seed oil, which is a vegetable oil that consists of omega 3 fatty acids. Besides, flax seed is an excellent source of fiber, lignans and protein. Lignans are anti-oxidants that play a role in estrogen reception and so are beneficial for women during or after their menopause.

Pumpkinseeds: pumpkinseeds have great dietary and medicinal properties. The seeds contain phytosterols, which lower cholesterol, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Finally, they’re a good source of minerals.

Sunflower seeds: contain fiber and omega 6 (also known as linoleic acid). Sunflower seeds also contain tryptophan, which treats depression and nervousness and makes you sleep well. Sunflower seeds also contain vitamin E, B (of which vegans end vegetarians should take supplements) and minerals, of which potassium.


Enjoy your meal!



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* If you want to lose weight, control your caloric intake as well!


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