As a fashion model, my body has to be in great shape. This is what I do to stay in my best shape.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] have always been quite sportive and I like doing many different kinds of sports, so working out doesn’t feel as a punishment at all. I actually quite love working out! 

Shaping, defining and burning

Work-outs I do are aimed at shaping, defining muscles and burning fat. If you would like to burn-off a bit of your love handles and tighten that butt, consider following my work-out regime, that has a lot of variety:

  • once a week kickboxing (targets all your muscles & burns fat);
  • once a week one hour of bootcamp (ditto);
  • three times a week 15 minutes high interval fitness with only my body weight with only 10 seconds rest in between sets, 20 minutes cardio training on the elliptical on a medium pace after (keeping my heart rate at 140 bpm).

That’s 5 workouts a week, but 3 of them are short workouts. I consider them as my base and vary a bit with my ‘schedule’ every now and then. That means that I occasionally alternate one of the above workouts with:

  • power yoga;
  • a couple of quick sets lifting light weights, mainly  for my boobies, I mean, chest.
  • 15 minutes TRX (Total Body Resistance eXercise, performed with a rope);
  • 45 minutes cardio training on the elliptical (when my knees need rest from running);
  • a YouTube video at home, targeting whatever I find needed at that moment.

The above work-outs also train your cardiovascular system. 


As an “isolated” cardiovascular training (at days that my muscles need their rest and time to restore), I run around the block. Not too long, just a short 5K. I do this about once a week, sometimes I skip a week and when the weather is great, I run more often. I run somewhere in between 30 and 50 minutes on a medium pace (keeping my heart rate at 140 bpm). When you travel a lot or don’t have the money to pay for a gym, running is a perfect exercise (combined with some YouTube home yoga), since the only thing you need is a good pair of shoes.  When I travel for a long period of time for modeling jobs, I always pack my running shoes and run where ever I am at that moment. Would you like to start running as well? In this article I have listed 12 tips for your first injury-free 5K run. 

VS body

You see: being and staying in shape ask effort. So if you want to have a Victoria’s Secret model body, you know what you can expect. I’ve written all about it here. It’s clear that you need to really like working out!

What does your workout regime look like? 

– update – 

End 2014 I stopped aiming at burning fat. Read why.

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