A few days ago a girl contacted me with the above question: “what to bring with me for lunch  when I’m on the road a lot a s a gluten and lactose intolerant that wants to eat clean and doesn’t have the time to prepare any fancy recipes?”.

This might seem like a very specific question, but I think there are more of us that recognize the following situation that had happened to me many times (when I still ate lots of tuna: bad girl!): at lunchtime, I would take my lunchbox out of my bag. In my lunchbox: crispy leafie greens combined with tuna and extra virgin olive oil, which made a very clean, gluten and lactose free lunch.  The problem was that the liquid coming from the fish and oil and that should have been IN my lunchbox, now covered my notes, books and make-up bag, making them smell bad like … tuna. Besides, at noon, the crispy leafy greens were far from crispy. 
Here’s a little help for those that do not work at home and travel a lot, but want to eat clean and lactose and gluten free. In this article I’m suggesting a few snack foods and lunch ingredients. Remember, they are not fancy at all, just easy peasy, quick and efficient. 
These are your must-haves:

Teff, buckwheat or coconut flour to bake pancakes (and spread them with your fav nut butter).


gluten free dairy free pancakes




Organic, free range, hard boild.



Unsalted, unroasted nuts, i.e. cashews, macadamia, almonds, chestnuts, brazil nuts, pistachio’s, walnuts.


Healthy clean gluten and free snacks

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A little indulgency to me. Just bron a spoon and knife and cut up in half or cut the avocado at home and bring half an avocado. You could top the avocado with a little bit of seasalt.

The black Hass avocado  most suitable to eat out of your hand.


gluten free lactose free clean snacks



Chewy veggies

To have like a snack, i.e. radishes, cherry tomatoes & carrots

clean gluten free lactose free snacks

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Veggies to stir fry

I.e. green beans and broccoli.

Combine with gluten free buckwheat pasta or soba noodles, your fav protein source like egg or chicken and stir-fry with a littl bit of nut butter, coconut cream and Tamari.


Raw cocoa beans

I.e. from Navitas Naturals  or Mattisson Superfood 

clean gluten free lactose free snacks


Sundried fruit

Unsulfured, i.e. papaya, cranberry, mulberries, mango, pineapple, apricot.



I.e. apples and bananas


Healthy bars

i.e. Näkd

clean gluten free lactose free snacks



These are the products/foods I use and recommend for those that are lactose and gluten intolerant, want to eat clean and are on their way a lot too. Do you use other products or foods that you would like recommend to others? Leave a message in the comment form below!






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