[dropcap]D[/dropcap]utchies are rocking the international catwalks like never before. Blue eyed beauty and our newest fashion-with-a-sporty-twist guest blogger (yay!) Annewil Hokken (De Boekers) is no exception. In this interview, I (A) asked Annewil (AH) about her modelling career, het passion for fashion, India, vegan curry and yoga. 

Name: Annewil Hokken
Mother agency & city: De Boekers – Amsterdam
Based in: Amsterdam
Modeling since: 6 years
A few clients I’ve worked for: Ralph Lauren, Borbonese, JAN Magazine, VICE, l’Oreal  

A: Annewil, were you discovered while shopping? Did you send in some holiday snaps? Tell us how and by whom you got discovered!
AH: When I was 14 I participated the Fancy Model Contest. I made it to the finals, but didn’t win. 2 years later I was scouted on social network Hyves by Fresh Model Management and worked with them for 3 years. When I started studying I decided to go to De Boekers to concentrate on working in the Netherlands. But now, 3 years later, I also have agencies in Milan, Barcelona and Dusseldorf.  


Annewil backstage at fashion week. Copyright: Bart Jansen and Maxime Cardol

Annewil backstage at fashion week. Copyright: Bart Jansen and Maxime Cardol


A: You’re a Masters’ degree student in Art, you have a fashion blog, a vintage shop … how is it even possible to have time left for modelling? Do you blog at night?!
AH: Haha, yeah, I often ask myself that same question. I’m surprised that it’s actually working out. It’s hard to combine study and modeling, but at the other hand it’s nice to have that variation. I have the possibility to travel and work, because I haven’t got that many lectures and most of them aren’t even mandatory 😉 Furthermore, because of the template and style of my blog, it’s easy to update and maintain. My main focus is on images and there is the possibility to add a little text. Taking pictures and writing stories can be done anywhere!  


Annewil in her vintage guerilla shop

Annewil in her vintage guerilla shop. I love her stuff!


A: Sounds fair enough! Tell us a little bit more about your blog. When, why and how did you start? My blog  is called Anna W, which I began 1,5 year ago while traveling through India. Full of new impressions, tired and a little bit sick, the idea for a blog came up and I started looking for inspiration. This is how “Anna W” was born, a blog with all kinds of things that I like and love. It’s a way of documenting my inspirations, thoughts, outfits and places that I’ve been. I love to photograph with my analog camera, this is how I capture beautiful places. My outfits are mostly shot by my lovely boyfriend. When an image on my blog is clicked, it reveals the story behind it. I hope my blog will be an inspiration to my readers!

A: You certainly are to me! Going back to that India trip a year ago: after you got back, you completely switched to a vegetarian diet. Can you explain why?
AH: First I have to say that I didn’t completely switch, but I only eat meat maybe once per month. After two months of traveling through India without eat any meat, my skin got a natural glow. It felt so good that I decided to leave meat and eat more vegetables instead.  

A: So no meat and more veggies. Can you give us an example of what you would have for dinner?
AH: I love Indian food; curry’s (also Thai curry’s) with many vegetables and naan <3 I also like to make couscous with goat cheese or feta and everything else I like (cranberries, zucchini, dried apricots, avocado etc.). You can furthermore wake me up for pumpkin soup with orange! Hmm!  

A: Haha, I remember that lovely couscous salad on your balcony! I can see you make healthy food choices. As workouts take a central place at Great Body & Skin, I am curious towards your workout regime. What’s your favorite workout and why?
AH: I’m into bikram yoga, which I really like. I love the feeling of your skin after a class. I also do workouts in the gym, like running and exercises for abs, arms and legs.  

A: And it shows! What I am curious about: what does a fashionista wear to a gym? Workout clothes used to be very old fashion. Nowadays however, workout clothes are much more fashionable and stylish. As a fashion blogger, do you take care of the outfit you wear in the gym?
AH: Yes! For me it’s important that it’s comfortable and good looking at the same time. I have different sets of workout clothes and different sets of yoga wear. This way I always have something nice to wear when going for a workout.

A: What about castings? What do you wear? Do you take effort in trying to show your personal style, or do you keep it simple? 
AH: Most important is how I feel about the clothes I’m wearing. Most of the time I’m fine with simple. A good skinny jeans with black tank top or a little black dress. I like to combine this with a colored bomber jacket, denim jacket or a cool bag.  

 A: If there would be 5 items that any model should have in her closet, what would they be?

  1. Little black dress
  2. Skinny jeans
  3. Top
  4. The perfect heels
  5. Leather jacket/bomber jacket 

Mango perfect black leather jacket

Annewil’s casting outfit choice

Mango Perfect Leather Biker Jacket


A: Thank you Annewil for this lovely interview! I wish you all the best in your career and personal life and am looking forward to your b-day bash in a while. Will you make that delish pumpkin orange soup?

Breaking! Annewil is our newest member of the Great Body & Skin team! Every two weeks, Annewil will be guest blogging about fashion with a sporty twist and casting ready street wear, so keep an eye on the website. Yay!


Question of the day: what kind of fashion blogs or outfits would you like to see appear from Annewil at Great Body & Skin?


Copyright featured image: Lotte Bruning


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