A while ago, friended model platform Modellist-ID interviewed me about my work as a model and everything that goes with it. I thought it might be nice to share it with you to get to know the person that preps these delish recipes for you a little better 😉 


Name: Angela Willemse

Nationality: Dutch

Profession: Fashion model, finishing my Master of Science with a specialization in Health Education, nutrition and health coach.

Agencies: De Boekers in Amsterdam, No Toys in Düsseldorf, Talents in Munich, East-West Models in Frankfurt, G-Models (division of Major) in Milan.

Clients I have worked for: ELLE, Glamour, Grazia, Viktor & Rolf, Escada, Nivea, G-STAR.

Current location: The Netherlands


How did you start modeling?

“I started modelling for my dad who had developed a new hobby: photography. The pictures appeared to be quite nice actually, but I never thought about professional modeling. I thought all models in magazines were unreachable ‘women of the world’, not like the girl I was in any kind of way. So I never thought about sending the pictures to an agency. I think I didn’t even know such agencies existed at all and how this industry works.

But then in a short period of time I was scouted by bookers from different agencies, one of them was my aerobic class teacher. She asked me to send in some pictures and before I knew it, I flew to London for my very first paid job. Because I was attending a private school my parents wanted me to focus on school, so I put modeling on hold for a while and after I had finished this school, I started modelling again.”


What does your career do for you?

“It does a lot for me! It definitely makes my world bigger because of the people I meet, the friends I have made, the travels I make, it enlarges my vision by talking to and learning from people and their lifestyle or culture and provides me self reflection. It took off sharp edges of my personality, ‘cause I am more open and got more respect for people who live a life that is in sharp contrast with my (on some points strong) beliefs. I can deal with this now and feel like anyone can be my friend.”


What’s your most memorable shoot?

“I really loved my trip to Bali for a magazine shoot: tropical rainforest, turquois sea, palm trees, coconuts, great healthy food and at least 30°C. We stayed in a traditional Balinese villa and there were free days, at which we went snorkelling, rafting, surfing or visiting fruit markets.

But all in all: working with a real nice team really makes the day, no matter what kind of shooting we’re doing.”


Who do you admire and would you like to meet?

“I’m a quite down to earth person, I don’t admire somebody quickly, because I think we are all human and all equal. No one is worth more and everyone is worth the same. We all have our qualities; some have their qualities more visible then others. But if I have to say something, then I admire somebody that makes something out of his life, sets goals, puts effort in it to reach these goals and lives it’s life to the max. I find my parents a great example in this: they have worked hard all of their lives and have come to a point now that they are selling their house to travel the world until the end of time.”


What’s your favourite book/film/music?

“I love everything from Michael Jackson, from his Jackson 5 period until his death. Besides that, I like reggeaton, dub step, raï, Bollywood sounds and David Bowie. My favourite movies are heavy dramatic art-house movies. Right now I really like Swedish movies, they have a lot of good movies coming out. Right now I don’t have time to read, but autobiographic or nonfictional drama stories are the ones that please me.“


What’s your beauty regime?

“Drinking plenty of water and eat a good amount of fatty acids, avoid eating refined/processed food, sleep enough and structured (although that’s quite a problem for me), work-out and be a happy person. I don’t believe in using the right products so much, I believe that the condition of your skin has a lot to do with the way you eat and your hormones, which can’t be influenced in a natural way. I like natural food and also in products: my moisturizer is a really basic cream with not much in it and I wash my face just with water if I haven’t worked that day.

I wear my hair up a lot and only use shampoo; just once in a while I use Moroccan Oil that gives it a great glow. I love dark eyes, so when I go out I always use a couple of layers black mascara and a black liner on my waterline, so that my green eyes pop out. “


What are your favourite hang out spots in the city you live in?

“I love to hang out at coffee places a lot for soy latte’s and I often go to the movies at a small cinema called “De Lieve Vrouw” (the ‘Sweet Lady’, referring to the historical church opposite of it) that only plays art-house movies. In summertime I like to lay on a blanket in the park with some good music, wine, a book and nice company.”


What is your favourite city and where do you like to hang out there?

“Definitely Barcelona. When you get out at metro stop Victoria you can take a walk uphill, where you can find a nice park that’s less crowded than Parc Guell. On quiet sunny days Park Guell is really nice to have a coffee. I also like to walk down the Ramblas on a hot sunny day, just looking at the tourists, bumping in to the famous naked man who’s just wearing a rug sack and having a drink at the beach at sunset. In the evening I like to go to Buddha Bar or Shôko at the beach for a bite and a little dance.”


Angela Willemse

Photographer: Nikol Bartzoka/Mario Teli/Rob Durand


Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling? 

“Try to get in touch with other girls that are already modeling. Ask for their advice. E-mail some snapshots of yourself to a couple of agencies. I don’t recommend spending money on making professional ones. Once an agency is interested in you, they will help you build your book.

About education: I opt for getting a degree first before modeling fulltime, that way you have all the time you want for modeling. This way you don’t have to be concerned about when to go back to school, finish your study or what to do after modeling. You never know whether your career is going to air or when it will suddenly be finished. Meanwhile, while you’re studying, you can work on your book and make some money more close to home, allowing you to both model and study. There will always be people that think something about you has to change. Believe in yourself and stay confident, don’t let the fashion industry get to you and don’t let them make you go crazy. Keep stress away, exercise regularly and eat healthy. ”


 What are your future plans?

“Modeling is something that’s part of me and I want to continue doing this for as long as it is possible. But you never know how long that will be; so first I am focused on finishing my study. Meanwhile and here after, I will of course continue with Great Body & Skin | A fashion model reveals her secrets, supporting people – especially female models and young women – with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

If there comes a time that modeling stops completely, hopefully I can continue on coaching and supporting young women. We’ll see how it goes. I’m sure everything will get together.”


Text: Elly van Zutphen

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