It’s the beginning of the month, which means it’s time for the monthly fashion model interview! This time it’s my dear friend and redhead in crime Deborah Schoutema’s (Ulla Models) turn. In this interview we get a glimpse of her life, as she talks about her personal life, career and milestones. 

Redheads galore: Deborah Schoutema, Nienkje Bootsma and me at a bbq last summer

Redheads galore: Deborah Schoutema, Nienkje Bootsma and me at a bbq last summer

Deborah: “My biggest milestone in my personal life has been chosing a challenging job that requires me to live day by day and in which I have to put my trust in God, instead of putting my trust in my own plans.”

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ey sweetie! Can you tell us why, when and how you started modeling? Were you discovered? Was it a matter of sending your pictures in yourself?
I was about to finish my studies Journalism & Media, but didn’t feel ready for my writing career yet. I had done some modeling at the side for a while, but nothing serious. Then Martine (my booker at my mother agency Ulla Models) contacted me with exactly the question I needed: “would you like to work in the fashion industry as a model?” “Yes”, the answer was. So after graduating I started modeling full time.

unnamed (18)

Deborah shot by Richard Bakker

A few years fast forward: by now, which agencies are you represented with?
I’m presented with Ulla Models (Amsterdam and Bruxelles), MD Management Hamburg, Le Management Copenhagen and 2Morrow Model Milano.

What are the biggest milestone in your modeling career and personal life?
Getting into the Milan market. Regarding the biggest milestones in my personal life: chosing a challenging job that requires me to live day by day and in which I have to put my trust in God, instead of putting my trust in my own plans.

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Waiting for castings, getting pooped on on by a bird. Charming!

Tell me about your bucket list modeling job.
Becoming a muse.

Deborah Schoutema by Richard Bakker

Deborah Schoutema by Richard Bakker

Hmmm, that would be nice! And what’s on your bucket list regarding your private life?
Being peaceful in a countryhouse with a piano I can actually play and a horse to ride on.

Stay there, dreamer: where do you want to be in 5 years from now in your modelling career and personal life?
Hmm, no clue. Let’s say I am willing to grow into where God wants me to be.

That is beautiful and sincere! So, what is it about modeling that you like most?
Translating clothes into a look others can use for their wardrobe. That actually is the stylists job, haha.

So you’ve found a job that you can stick to when you’re old, wrinkly and fat 😉 You recently were in Milan, but which city do you like best for modelling?
I don’t think I have been in the ideal city yet.

Hmm, I can relate to that. Milan has never been my favorite either. So no favorite city. Before we hit a dead end, lets talk about the modeling industry. Do you have any dislikes or improvements about modeling?
Just like it goes for everything else: it never is a 10. I would like more room for the guiding of (young) starting girls. I know some agencies are already doing a good job on that, and I dó see some nice projects around it nowadays. I just hope these projects will not become commercial.

I agree with you on those projects, of which my blog is actually one! I hope that I can be supportive for these starting, young models, together with these other projects and foundations like The Model Alliance and the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Health Initiative.

The Health Initiative aims at ruling out models that have an eating disorder. What do you think about that BMI 18 threshold?
Not sure. First of all I have my doubts about the BMI indication. A girl should just live a healthy life and receive support for that through caring bookers, well informed parents, maybe a personal trainer, courses and a nutritionist. Knowledge is most important, healthy living will show on the outside. I feel like clients only love to work with healthy looking models anyway, so there shouldn’t be a reason for having unhealthy looking girls on board.

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Deborah likes her breakfast healthy: chocolate peach mousse with granola, coconut and cinnamon

You’re right, a healthy lifestyle shows on the outside! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been there, done that.

Something different: I get a lot of questions from young girls that want to start modeling. You seem to be very involved with these girls. What’s your advice for them?
Go for it! And make sure you do your homework by reading into a healthy lifestyle and find a workout you love.

Is there anything you would like to say to the fashion industry? Speak your heart!
Thanks for flattering my birthday suite.

Thank you for this lovely interview, babe!

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Image credits: Deborah Schoutema (unless stated otherwise, featured image for Jolie: unknown)


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