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If you are a frequent visitor of my blog, you might have read part 1 of this interview with my friend and super gorgeous fashion model Jana Voyvodich, in which she spoke about her plus-size modelling career, private life, BMI and health among models.

I was also curious about Jana’s skin care routine (her olive skin is amazing, guys!), healthy lifestyle (I saw her snacking on almonds once), how she stays in shape for modelling and of course her favourite YOLO food. Read all about it in part 2 of her interview!

Love, tell us about your favourite healthy food place!
[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I’m at Schiphol I always have a juice at the Juicy Details-bar.
And how do you stay fresh & energized when you are on a job?
Sleeeeeeeep! I try to get a lot of sleep so I look fresh and well-rested on set. Between pictures I drink water or herbal tea as much as possible and I try to rest my feet as much as I can when I’m wearing high heels or tight shoes. Now and then I do some stretching in order to stay flexible.
Jana Voyvodich plus size model at Hughes Models, Le Management Euromodel
I saw you bring almonds on set once when we first met. I see a lot of models do so, in order to make healthy food choices. You never know what you’re gonna get, right? Do you also bring your own food to jobs?
Besides some unsalted almonds, I don’t bring my own food. Mostly because I feel its unpractical in most cases. I also love to try different kinds of food.
I’ve had jobs where the food was delicious. Unlike Dutch people, many people from foreign cultures like to have warm and extensive meals. That’s a good thing, because you know what? I am a curvy model, so I have got to stay in shape 😉

Jana Voyvodich's favourite healthy snack: unsalted almonds. Copyright: Flickr/Levente Bodo

Jana Voyvodich’s favourite healthy snack: unsalted almonds.

Copyright: Flickr/Levente Bodo

You funny girl! What would you recommend other models and women that want to eat healthy and lean regarding snacks to bring to work?
Unsalted nuts help me through the day. They are easy to carry with you, provide quick energy and it’s perfect for a in-between -pictures snack. Just make sure to bring toothpicks as well!
How do you stay in shape for modelling?
I try to live an active lifestyle in general. At the moment I favour working out ‘at home’: I go for a walk/run twice a week – in the park just around the corner of my apartment -, hula hoop as much as I can (it helps to train my lower abs) and I ride my bike whenever I can. Planning to do more yoga still.
Wow, I didn’t know you were that active! It’s quite impressive. And how about nutrition: do you follow a restrictive diet or do have any nutritional habits that help you to stay healthy and in shape?
No restrictive diets for me anymore. I believe it should be a lifestyle if you want the result to last. I found this out by many, MANY trials-and-errors.
Nowadays I don’t limit myself to eating unhealthy things anymore. I just avoid it – especially sugar [refined sugar, red.]. Therefore I don’t crave unhealthy things all the time. I just give in to the desire for ‘unhealthy’ food occasionally and then go back to my normal, conscious lifestyle.
I can relate to the way you deal with ‘unhealthy’ food: not being restrictive and giving in to a strong desire for a certain type of food is a key point to a healthy relationship with food and for example preventing binges.  
You say you avoid sugar. What does your typical sugar-free breakfast look like?
Since a couple of months I’m totally into the juice hype. I love blending frozen fruits with a banana, a cup of water and lettuce/spinach. I really miss it when I’m in a hotel and am not able to make it.
Before I started juicing I used to eat oatmeal for breakfast with melted chocolate/ blueberries/banana/cinnamon. It still find it lovely to vary with.

Beauty Jana Voyvodich

Something totally different, but very close to my and your heart, so I know: society focusses a lot on the appearance of models they see in magazines and take their looks as an ideal. Is there anything you would like to say about beauty ideals and the appearance of models to young, adolescent girls reading your interview?
I get why people like to look at beautiful models. It makes us admire or envy. Either way: it’s creating an emotional response. And that’s what brands want; beauty is seen as a positive association and brands love to be associated with positive values like ‘beauty’.
I don’t think we (consumers) can change this mechanism. I do however feel, it’s unfair that women are being judged on their looks way more than men. Men can have all sorts of qualities that make theme attractive. For women their appearance is much more or most important.
It’s a cultural evolutionary thing. Grown over the years. To counteract with this meme I think it’s important that there are female role models who encourage other (young) women to shine in other aspects of their potential. 
I also think that the very specific body image for women that the media promotes is too limiting. People compare themselves to others to form a self image. If we’d grow up alone at an uninhabited island we could not even have a self image. If the disparity between what we see (most) others look like, and what we look like is big, we start to feel unhappy with ourselves.
Therefore it’s important that more different images of beauty are represented in the media. I’m referring to ethnicities, age, weight, gender … even people with physical disabilities perhaps.
Bottom line: we love to see beauty, that’s why marketing will always use it – and even artificially increase it with light, make-up and Photoshop – , but we should be presented with much more diversity in beauty. There should not be one standard. At the same time it is very important to teach girls that they have much more important qualities than their appearance.
Wow, great plea, and you are so right Jana!  I can shake your hand when it comes to the desire to see more diversity in the media and modelling world.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and giving us workout and healthy food inspiration!
My last questions – always save the best for last – what’s your favourite YOLO food?
My one but not only guilty pleasure: black/white liquorice or chips with (homemade) guacamole.
If you would be a vegetable, you would be a …
I would be an artichoke: lots of layers, versatile, mixed well with other vegetables and a tender heart (please read this with a tongue-in-cheeck!:-D )


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