[dropcap]H[/dropcap]i there! A few weeks ago you could read my interview with Angela, in which I was introduced as a new guest blogger. Once every two weeks I will be blogging about fashion with a sporty twist. So here I am with my first blog about fashionable yoga wear by Kate&Jakob.

I practice yoga twice a week wearing Kate&Jakob and I’m really happy with their clothes! Not just because their clothes are comfy to wear in yoga class, but they also make me look good while relaxing at home 😉

When I got booked to shoot their lookbook last year I got introduced to this international brand. I immediately loved the stylish outfits, so I thought I should introduce it to you as well.  

Have a look at my most favorite outfits from their latest lookbook. Which one would be your choice?


Kate&Jakob yoga wear

Kate close side - K03 K64 greatbodyskin


Kate&Jakob has mens yoga wear as well:

Jakob standing - J01 J61 greatbodyskin

Jakob - J61 greatbodyskin


 Find more lovely yoga wear on the Kate&Jakob webshop.



In cooperation with Anna W. and Kate&Jakob, I’m giving away a comfy, yet fashionable yoga outfit on Great Body & Skin! 


Kate&Jakob yoga wear

Win: Kate&Jakob yoga shorts (left) and top (right)


Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Like Great Body & Skin and Anna W. on Facebook (if you already liked these pages, you can skip this step)
  2. Share this image on your Facebook timeline (set your privacy setting to public)

The winner will be randomly picked on March 13 2014 (closing date March 13, 8 p.m. in the evening) and will be contacted for her (or his, but the outfit is originally designed for women 😉 address and size.


More about the brand

Kate&Jakob is an international operating, fashionable yoga brand for both women (Kate) ànd men (Jakob). Kate&Jakob together make a perfect ‘ying and yang’ combination; Kate stands for pure and blessed and Jakob stands for follow and cheat.

Together, Kate&Jakob are understanding, personal, beautiful, fashionable and passionate when it comes to yoga wear and stand for individuality, strength, compassion and the will to survive.


Images by Tommy N Lance


— EDIT —

Joy Ruppert won the Kate&Jakob yoga outfit. Congrats Joy!

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