I love baking and I love English high tea’s. Off course I want to maintain my healthy lifestyle, so I always go for healthy options.






One of these healthy options is to use maple syrup instead of white table sugar. Maple syrup is tapped from the maple tree, that grows mainly in Canada. The texture is like a normal syrup, the color is amber and the taste is sweet and caramel-like.



Compared to honey, maple syrup has 15 times more calcium and contains 10 times less sodium, is full of antioxidants and minerals (i.e. magnese and zinc) and supports your immune system. Besides that, it has a lot less calories and a lower GI score than honey and white table sugar (Glycogemic Index). The latter most makes maple syrup a perfect sugar substitute for people suffering from diabetes.

Make sure you get grade C and buy it at a natural and organic food store though; the quality will be better and the product will be pure and unprocessed, which preserves the beneficial nutrients.



Besides using maple syrup as a baking or cooking ingredient, it’s a perfect topping for pancakes or ice cream.



Nutritional value per tablespoon, in grams:

kcal 52 Fiber 0 Protein 0 Carbs 13 Fat 0 





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