[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ey hey beauty! Yesterday I reached over 2.500 likes on my Facebook page! Wow, that’s incredibly! That means that over 2.500 value what I write and what I write about. For that I am thankful!

Maybe I should arrange a nice give-away for you to express my grattitude? I am thinking about a sporty, healthy or skin care give-away … what do you guys think? What kind of give-aways would you like me to raffle?

Okay, take your time to think about it. Meanwhile I am going share what I had to eat this weekend. Yep, it’s that day again: I’m sharing my daily meals and snacks to give inspiration to create your own healthy meals and snacks! You can read my previous food diary’s here and here.

So, the day I’ve picked for this food diary is last Sunday. I worked out in the gym that day and went out for dinner with my love and two of my best friends. But hey, let’s start from the beginning!

11 a.m.
Wakey wakey! I have slept in SO long! Do you know why? Okay, I am just going to admit it … I had a little too much booze the night before (going out for dinner) and the night before that one (wedding). Yes, I do that sometimes. I am only human 😉 By the way, I don’t want to keep my famous wedding dance from you. Check it out on my Instagram and have a good laugh.

So yes, I was a bit tired. Not hangover. I dìd feel that my heart rate was excessively high though; something that happens to me all the time after I have had at least 2 glasses of wine (red wine that is, as I don’t like or drink white wine).

I did some research and what I understood is that this can be caused by an allergy for sulfite in wine. I am allergic to many things and I have had eczema when I was little, which is the same disease family as asthma. Asthmatic people are often also allergic to sulfite, which makes me think sulfite should be the reason I react so strongly to wine. Like a Rabbit on Duracell 😀

By the way, I just found out sulfite is also present in dairy products, dried fruits, spices and jams. So careful with those if you have a sulfite allergy!

Where was I? Ah yeah, waking up! After I slowly woke up, I had a coffee and a grapefruit. A little later I had a banana on my way to the gym. At the gym again a coffee and chatting at the bar.



1 p.m.
Around 1 p.m. I started my workout. I did my military presses, chin-ups, bench presses and squats (I know, not the first thing you would expect from a model, right? :)). After my workout I had another banana and went straight home shopping for new Nike’s, but it seemed I can really only get my customized red Nike’s online (I wrote about customizing my Nike’s here). So I got home with combat boots. Very logical. And awesome fluorescent Nike tights. Which I have to return for a smaller size.


nike pro pink tights


4 p.m.
Time flies when you sleep in long, workout and shop! At home I quickly made myself a salad with leftover chicken from the day before. Nothing fancy or special, just lots of dark leafy greens (mainly rocket), cherry tomatoes, green olives, olive oil, salt & pepper.

6 p.m.
The date with the friends! My love and I go to the train station by foot, which takes us about 20 minutes. After a 15 minute train ride, we find our friends waiting outside on their bikes. We quickly decide to step into a random restaurant in the town center. We chat a lot about my friends’ wedding, for which I am their master of ceremonies (god, that sounds good). After a few sparkling waters, I order a huge fish salad. The salad is served with bread and fries, but I give those to the groom-to-be.



8.30 p.m.
After dinner I order a fresh mint tea, which comes with nougat. The bride-to-be steals it from me. I than order a double coffee (you know, as you would have it at home, in a large mug). This is how the double coffee is served to me:


double coffee



So, about that give-away … have you decided yet?




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