[dropcap]A[/dropcap] new post in my requested “Food Diary” series (read my first food diary here)! In these series I describe what I ate (and did) during a 24 hour period.  It’s an attempt to show that models don’t live on rabbit food, give you some healthy food inspiration ànd get to know the face behind this blog a little better 😉

Eating waistline-smart doesn’t mean I we can’t enjoy the good things in life. I would go crazy if I couldn’t enjoy a good glass of wine once in a while! So that’s what I did last Saturday. But first: work!

I started my day with a huge glass of home made alkalizing lemon water and my famous 😉 buckwheat pancake banana breakfast. If you’re wondering if banana’s won’t make you gain weight: read this. I topped my early morning treat with shredded coconut. Meanwhile I wrote a new blog about the bikini bridge, responded to comments on my skin care video and some other blogs and checked The Model Alliance – a New York foundation that is focussed on improving model’s work environment – for updates. 



It was than time to get dressed and leave for an appointment with a psychologist for a ‘business’ related talk. I hope I can update you on that very soon, as this will be interesting for all models following my blog!

On my way to the café where the psychologist and I met I snacked on some almonds, although a big fat Rocky Road Starbucks Pie was screeeeaming my name. I skipped that one, and had a chocolate chip cookie with my black coffee at the café instead. When I order coffee, I always ask for a glass of water as well. Although it’s a myth that coffee dehydrates (I wrote something about that in this post), it just feels better to have a glass of water for each coffee that I drink.

After we said good bye, I took the train home. During my train ride wanted to continue writing my blog “The Bikini Bridge: My Thoughts”. I actually wanted to post that one before  our meeting in the morning. Unfortunately it looked like my notebook had died or something, I don’t know what happened … to my luck it seemed to be working later on, so the post got online late in the afternoon.


Working on my blog


I furthermore organized my Cuba pictures and ordered my personal Cuba photo book. Here are some snaps of my Cuba trip last year:


And this is me. Smile!

Cuba definitely has to be on your bucketlist!
Back to my food diary! During the day I snacked on some huge carrots and I drank a green smoothie. Some of the ingredients in this smoothie were spinach, green apple, celery, pear, a little bit of wheatgrass and hempseed protein powder (Sunwarrior is a great brand when it comes to clean, vegan protein powder).

At 6 o’clock I called it a day and took off with my bf for a glass of wine at the café. I always drink red wine, preferably a Shiraz. Red wine contains resveratrol, which has strong antioxidant powers.


Going out for a drink


For dinner I had a goat cheese salad (goat cheese is low in lactose content) and a glass of sparkling water. Coffee for dessert. After that we went to see the movie 12 Years a Slave. Gosh … anyone else seen that movie? You should if you haven’t yet!

I was home at 12 o’clock. Tried calling my mom, but she was already asleep of course. After quickly doing a social media round, I went to sleep and slept until 9:30 the next morning.

This was already my second food diary! As you can see there was no workout involved today, which is kind of unusual for me 🙂 Next week I will post another food diary and will include a little insight on my workout of that day as well.

Hope to see you back here next week,


xx Angela



Your turn!

Red wine or white wine? 


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