[dropcap]I[/dropcap] met fashion model Jitte Oerlemans (16, Fresh Model Management) when we got booked for the same show a while ago. I got to know her as a sweet, cheerful girl who was determined to reach great heights in her modelling career. And she did; she is living her dream.

After she got booked as an exclusive for the Milan Prada show A/W 14, the modelling career of the Dutch scholar from a small town village officially took off to great heights. With Fresh MM as her mother agency, she is now also signed with IMM Brussels, Women Management Milan and IMG Paris and will be on stay for the summer in New York with The Lions.

Just back from her Prada S/S 15 Men’s show booking in Milan, I spoke with her about the show, her healthy lifestyle and workout regime.

Jitte, congrats with your booking for the Prada Men’s show last Sunday! How do you look back on this adventure?
Thank you! It was amazing! I’m so grateful I get those chances. Of course it was a dream show, a big experience.



I can imagine, you looked stunning on the catwalk! I understood you did you stay energized to be able to study and make long working hours?
Yes, I had to study most of the time. To stay energized I try to sleep at least eight hours, I start learning a few weeks (or days) before the tests and of course I eat healthy and workout every day.

Was the food backstage at Prada healthy?
Well, the food at Prada is just amazing, haha! I even think that they pick out which mandarins are good enough en which aren’t ;). Especially the lunch is good, because we get an amazing salad-buffet. Besides of that there is always a plate with fruits and little sandwiches.

Sounds good enough to me! And about snacking: do you have any advice for other models on snacks that they can bring when they’re working?
I have! In general: if you want to look more professional, than don’t eat chips or any candy on set. Just take a healthy meal and an apple or something like that. That’s what I’ve learned!

And how about working out? I’ve heard you like swimming and fitness a lot. Is this how you stay in shape for modelling? Can you tell us a bit about your workout regime?
I do! But since a year I’ve started training at modelsinshape. She is a personal trainer who specially helps models to stay or to get in shape, and it really helps! The last few weeks I trained here two days a week.

 Jitte Oerlemans kickboxingOne of Jitte’s ways to stay in shape is by kickboxing | Source 

Besides this I kickbox twice a week and the rest of the week I do some cardio, like running. My mum and I are working on our endurance, so when we can we try to walk an hour extra each day. 

Fashion model Jitte Oerlemans at running event Color Run last MayAnother of Jitte’s fun ways to stay in shape: participate in run events! | Source

Yes, I saw your kickbox Instagram images, cool! I kickbox too! I didn’t know you also run and workout with a trainer. Sounds impressive!

With that much exercise, it is important to give your body a good refeed. How do you balance your daily exercise and nutrition? Do you follow a strict diet, or is it rather about a healthy lifestyle?
I don’t follow a diet for losing weight. But I do have a kind of diet, because I am allergic to gluten, so I can’t eat bread or pasta.

Your mom was a model too. Did it mean that you always ate healthy at home?
Well, we are a healthy-food family, that’s true. But that isn’t because my mom was a model. We eat healthy because we think it’s better for everybody and not only for models. Besides, my brother and I are allergic for a lot of things, so we can’t eat everything. That means you’ll have to search for other options (like healthier and gluten-free options) 

Like the recipes on my website, which are healthy and suitable for most food allergies 😉 Enough about the healthy; what’s your favorite YOLO food?
Oh my god that’s definitely the coconut balls. My mother makes them for special moments. You need dates and almonds and a spoon of shredded coconut. Then you mix it, divide the batter in pieces and roll them into small balls. After that you can roll them in the shredded coconut and you have the healthy version of a bounty (and it’s so much nicer!).

You can’t eat a whole cake when you are a model, but keep in mind that you won’t get ‘fat’ because of one ‘bad’ meal, so just eat that slice of cake once every two or three weeks.  

Yum! I have those ingredients at home right now and am going to try your mom’s recipe this afternoon.

You know that society focusses a lot on the appearance of models they see in magazines and take their looks as an ideal. Do you have a tip for other models, girls/women that want to become a model or girls/women that want to look like one?
Just start eating healthy food! And of course you can’t eat a whole cake when you are a model, but I think that isn’t good for anybody. But keep in mind that you won’t get ‘fat’ because of one ‘bad’ meal, so just eat that slice of cake once every two or three weeks. That way it’ll be much easier to keep eating healthy.

If you would be a vegetable, you would be a …
Oh I love this question! If I would be a vegetable, I would definitely be a pepper! That’s by far my most favorite veggie. When I have my pepper-day, I can eat like three or four peppers!

LOL, well, with that workout regime you sure sounds like a spicy red pepper! Thanks for the interview, hun! xoxo

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