Living with models in a model appartment

My 3 month contract is about to come to an end, which makes these my last days in Seoul. T have seen models arrive at the model appartment I’m staying in and leave. Yes, apartment! πŸ˜‰ Some people are surprised about the fact that I am staying in an ppartement, because they think that when you are a model, you live in luxury or the best hotels. On the contrairy; I live in a normal house, with other models from around the world.

I always get the question what it is like to live with other models, perhaps because everyone refers to programs like Next Top Model, in which models fight and compete with each other. There is a big difference though between programs like that and what modeling is really about. True, there are models that can be bitches, and every model has a story about a develish roommate, but generally everything in the house is ok. Usually I hang around with the people with whom I have a click with. With other people I might only talk when it’s necessary. But each model is in the same circumstances as me or you: far away from home for a long time, without friends and family. So you dependent on each another. You fight with each other or you are friends. If you choose the first option, 3 mounts can be really long πŸ˜‰

Travelling as a model and living together with other people from other places of around the world with other religions and habits really changed me. I realize we don’t all have to be the same to be friends. Even if someone is completely different, likes other clothes, music or food than you, you can still have a wonderful time together. My roommates told me so much stories about their lives, travels and country that I otherwise would have never heard about. I have learned so much from every trip I made and have even become more open-minded.

Unexpected job: yacht & banana boat

Another thing I’ve learned about my job as a model is that nothing is certain. A model has to be flexible, because one moment you can have a job in your own country and in a few days you might be flying to the other side of the world and there are always options for jobs that get either cancelled or booked last minute.

Take the following situation a few weeks ago for instance: I prepared myself for my castings, I had to be at the agency in 10 minutes. Suddenly my agency calls to ask me if I can be ready in 30 minutes, because I’m leaving to Busan at the other side of the country for a job! At that very moment there were so many questions in my head and I only had half an hour to get ready, so where to start!? Busan? What kind of job is it? How to get there? Do I need anything? Will I spend the night there? Plus a hundred more questions!

I packed a small bag and stuffed it with some basic stuff and off we went: my roommate another model from another agency that I had met at a casting a few weeks ago (yes the fashion world, is small πŸ˜‰ )  and me. It was a four hour trip from Seoul to Busan; a city by the sea and after Seoul the largest city of South Korea.

Finally after hours of driving in the car we arrived in Busan. We were going to the seaside because our job was making a promotion video for yachts. So no shooting or walking in high heels on the catwalk this time, but sailing on a yacht at sea! It was really amazing; one of my best Korean jobs! I had such a nice day with the other models, drinking champaign and eating delicious food. I even went on a banana boat for the first time in my life.

I furthermore accidentally swam in the sea: the banana boat went really fast and capsized, so everybody fell off the banana boat. We tried to get on the banana boat again, but the boat kept turning upside down. My roommate and I than decided to swim back to the boat, but it was more difficult than we thought! When we finally arrived at the yacht I realized how high the boat was, as a men had to pull us up in the boat from the water. Everything was caught on tape, let’s hope they cut out the shameful frames! Anyway, as you can see modeling can go in every direction and never gets boring. My yacht tripwas an unexpected great job to finish my model trip in Seoul with!

Looking back at modeling in Seoul

Modeling is a tough job and can be very stressful, but I also realize that this job gives me opportunities: I see places where I otherwise never would have come, I got to know wonderful people from all over the world and I do things that I have I never done before.

Looking back on this Seoul trip, I really enjoyed my time there, thanks to my lovely roommates and agency! Based on my own experiences I can highly recommend every model to model in Seoul.


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Emma (Anka Models) has a passion for healthy food. She shares her delish recipes at Great Body & Skin. Except for this summer: Emma is currently in Seoul for modelling and shares her experiences with us every month.

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