Modelling in Seoul: How Does It Work With Castings?

Emma is currently in Seoul for modelling and keeps a diary about her experiences. In her first diary she told us about her arrival at the model apartment, first modelling job and guidance by the agencyIn this article Emma gives us insight on how things work in Seoul regarding castings. 

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Last minute castings

Emma: Every night my modelling agency sends me my casting schedule for the next day. This way I can check what time my first casting is, how many castings I have and what kind of castings they are. It may also happens that I have last-minute castings. But you don’t have to worry about that if you are planning to go abroad for modelling yourself; when you are on your way to castings with your manager on your side – which is the case when you model in Seoul, as I described here -, the agency will call your manager about that.

Fashion model Emma about modelling in Seoul, South Korea

At the agency for lunch. On Tuesdays I always have lunch there with the other models from my agency. Lunch is prepared by the owners mom.

Castings in South Korea vs. castings in Europe

In the beginning I was really surprised about the castings. If you are used to work as a model in Europe, you can see big difference between castings in South Korea and castings in Europe. Here in Seoul you go to castings by car, accompanied by someone from your agency and other models from the same agency. That person from the agency has an exact appointment with the client, which is nice, because that way we almost never have to stay in line and wait at castings. So no long lines with 100 models in front of you as it goes in Milan or other places! I guess the longest time I had to wait for a casting was 1 hour and this only happened to me once. I got that job  by the way, so it was totally worth waiting  ;)  In case we do have to wait for a casting, most of the time it’s because we were too early and the client was not there yet.

Fashion model Emma about modelling in Seoul, South Korea

On my way to castings with other models from my agency and our manager.

At the casting: meeting with the client

At the casting your manager will take you and the other models that came with you to the client. The manager will hand the set cards of the models to the client. New to me was the fact that at almost every casting the clients wants you to sit down. Sometimes you are sitting at the table with a client and he asks you if you want something to drink. Your manager will than tell the client something about you, where you’re from, how old you are and something about your work experience.

Better circumstances than in Europe

In my opinion these circumstances at castings are better than in Europe; no long waiting lines and hours of waiting in the outside heat or cold, on the floor or on the stairs and no stress about being on time for your next casting. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not always like this, but these situations are familiar to most models!

Showing up at castings: dress up!

In Europe clients expect you to come to castings as natural as possible so that they can see your skin and face. Models should wear zero to no make-up, no jewelry and just basic clothes that reveal your body shape; a skinny jeans and a black top will do. On the contrary, in South Korea clients expect you to dress up nicely, wear make-up, some cute accessories and heels. Of course this should not be overdone, but they at least expect you to wear foundation, mascara, lipstick, eye shadow and eye liner.

Wear clothes that can be changed quickly

At almost every casting in Seoul your pictures is taken and you’ll be asked to try on some clothes. It’s therefore not really useful to wear a skinny jeans that is hard to take off quick. I wear short’s, skirts and a tank top on a daily base, so I can easily and quickly change . I’m lucky it’s summer now ;).

Fashion model Emma about modelling in Seoul, South Korea

‘Dressing up’ for Korean castings; I wear clothes that can be changed quick, as at most castings models have to fit clothes.

Taking pictures: happy, smiley catalogue-style

Than the shooting starts: a few pictures from your front, profile and back and some full length free poses. I can tell you the posing here is really different compared to other places. It’s more in catalogue-style. In the beginning this was a bit hard for me, because I was used to doing weird high fashion poses and looking serious. Here in Seoul they ask you to smile and be happy a lot though. How do I need to do that, haha!

Weird poses in a wedding dress?

The way clients ask you to pose also depends on the type of casting. Seoul has a lot of castings for wedding, lingerie, sports wear, golf and online shopping. That’s what makes the difference; I guess you don’t want to see a model doing weird high fashion poses in a wedding dress ;)

Shooting bridals in Seoul

Bridal magazine job for Wedding 21 that I shot here in Seoul


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Lingerie castings

Sometimes it can be annoying that clients let all the models try clothes; there are so many different types of girls and not every girl is the right type for a certain kind of job. As I am not that curvy, I’m not really a type for underwear jobs for example. I therefore never book jobs like that. Even though, at many castings they still ask me to fit their lingerie and make a lot of pictures of me wearing their lingerie, even if the underwear and bra are way too big, haha! Both for me and the client this is a waste of time, although some o these clients will remember me.

How I make sure the lingerie clients remember me

The last time I had an underwear casting for instance, we (the other models and I) were all wearing the underwear handed to us at that casting and one by one the client took pictures of us. After we were done, we changed into our own clothes again. Of course I was happy about this casting being done, so I thought let’s change fast. My mind was somewhere else I guess. I quickly put on my top and my skirt after. Wearing a skirt to castings is most efficient, as it doesn’t require to take off my shoes, I figured.

After the casting the other models and I went back to the car to go back to the apartment. Somewhere I felt something was different compared to earlier that day, but I couldn’t decide what it was. Back in the apartment I realized what it was: I was still wearing the undies from the casting!! Woops!

I couldn’t stop laughing, but needed to go downstairs to the agency to tell them I was still wearing that undie. The client already called my agency to tell them that one of their models took the underwear. Lol, yeah, that was me! Of course these kind of things always happening to me.  Now I know for sure underwear jobs are not my thing! 😀

modelling in Seoul:my job for Liful Webstore

My job for Liful Webstore, shot in Seoul

Magazine castings and building your book fast

In the beginning of the month there are magazine castings. Those are more in the style of Europe and the USA. The good thing about South Korean editorial jobs is that these are shot in the beginning of the month and at the end of the month you already have your tear sheets (a picture ‘torn’ out of a magazine). This way you never have to wait for your pictures and new magazine work for a long time. Sometimes you also get the magazine you worked for. Seoul is therefore a good market for models that are looking to build their book fast.”

Thank you Emma for your lovely diary! Looking forward to your third Seoul diary next month!


Are you thinking about going to Seoul or another city to model? Do you have any questions about that? Leave them in the comments below and Emma and I will answer them!

Featured image: Emma for Liful Webstore

About Emma Haarsma

Emma Haarsma
Emma (Anka Models) has a passion for healthy food. She shares her delish recipes at Great Body & Skin. Except for this summer: Emma is currently in Seoul for modelling and shares her experiences with us every month.

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  1. I like this website. this information is good.

  2. With which agency did you go? Did they pay your flight expenses?

  3. I like Korea modeling and really like me Korea fashion and singing … Korea is tha Best place ….

  4. Well , I’m a morrocan girl , I’m 14 years old , and my height is 1.75 , but I’m veiled .
    So I wonder if I can be a model someday .

  5. hi emma i am 22yrs old from africa,height 180…i just want to know if korea can employ black models

  6. Thanks for sharing this info. it’s really nice.

  7. Hey 🙂
    Ths may no happen often, but I am a boy and very interested in this job.
    I am 20 years old, 75% dutch, 25% german. 1.85m. Skinny posture. (63kg)
    I have lived in China for half a year and would love to live in South Korea.
    Can anyone please send me more information?

    Thanks a bunch! 😀

  8. hello
    i’m Peri 18 year’s old . living in Seoul . I want to be a model but I don’t have much experience, but its my passion and I’m confident of myself. But I’m pretty sure experience i will do my best . I am still looking for model agency in Seoul, Can you recommend me some models agency?
    thank you

  9. Hi Emma!
    I really want to become a model, especially in South Korea, because I really like the culture and country (I also speak a little Korean!). I am from Norway and I was just wondering is there a special height and weight requirement? I am 168 cm, just the average in my country. I am a little curvy, but not much. I just have a little butt, but else I’m skinny.
    I’ve been told a lot that I’m very pretty, better looking than the average and that I could be a model. So again: Is there a height and weight requirement?
    Thank you! 🙂

  10. just want to model and wear fresh clothes

  11. Pallabi mahato

    Hey im pallabi a 16 year old teenage girl. I’m junior Indian model in India but I’m also want to works in South Korea … Plzz reply me its very important for me …. Mid fair skin tone. eye colour : dark Brown.
    Hair colour: brown .
    Height: 5’1

  12. Fena Rawal

    Hi emma.
    I’m 17 yrs old and I’m from india
    I also want to become a model in Seoul.
    Can you please tell me how i apply.
    And i speak Korean 2%

  13. Casting calls should also be your priority as a starting actor.

  14. Hello, My polish girlfriend wants to work as a model in Korea. She is 176cm and has pretty good shape. I want to know how you worked in korea (including visa problems), and how much is the salary, the difference between working freelancer and working through the agency. And is it possible going to language school working as a model in a same time?

  15. Hii Emma you are fab ..I also want to become a model in seoul ..and i am from india so can you pls tell me it possible to become model in seoul.

  16. hey emma! nice blog you got there! I am also going to Seoul for my carriere, and this helped me a lot. Still got some questions tho:
    1. do you have a room for yourself?
    2. how much money do you make?
    3. can i crash a party and SMoKE WEED EVERYDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! straight buzzin
    4. do you have a boyfriend? if so……. how did he respond to you going to korea, mine is totally bummed out mayneeeeeee!!!! serioussly………………………. can he take a chill pill???????

    thanks in advance

  17. These blogs have lots of helpful information. Thanks for providing.
    I will definitely share this blog.
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  18. Hello am kenyan girl 5’8 tall darkskinned 16 yrs old skinny but not that much have medium long hair, ive always dreamt to b a model in s.k are there black models, how are they how can i sign myself into it , ive so much interested with esteem agency lately please reply♥

  19. Hello, am kenyan girl,ive always dreamt to b a model in korea am 5’8 girl &darkskinned, have black korea girl kenyan have, 16 girl old, darkskinned old girl tell are there black models in s.k,How do they work with them, i really need info on how to apply & which agency to sign myself into, Ive been do much in there interes ted with esteem agency

  20. Hi,
    Please can you tell me when is the best season for modeling in South Korea?:)

  21. The casting is the most important part in modelling .Great post

  22. Hi Emma! Just wanna ask, are models from other countries (like Southeast Asians) common in South Korea? I mean, do agencies accept them? Usually what are the characteristics they look for to consider someone? Thanks in advance for the response!

  23. can you please help me .
    iam 17+ and want to start modelling in south korea
    iam from India my height is 5’7
    and iam skinny will i be able to be a model ?
    where to apply and how ?

  24. Dear Emma,
    Ive been doing modelling for year now. Its not paid and somethimes its just to help friends with their project.
    Ive been studying Korean language for a year now.
    I took a break cause i got depressed for a few years and gain alot of weight.
    Now im eating healthy, and go to the gym 4 times a week.
    I’m saving to go to Korea and fullfill my dream to be a model there.
    I was hoping if you could give me tips where i can apply or how i get in contact with Korean modeling agency’s.
    I am really looking forward to your reply.

    Greetings From The Netherlands.


  25. hi Emma,
    hpe you’re doing well 🙂 you’re really a beautiful model 🙂
    my Fati. i’m from Morocco. 21 years old. my height is 170cm.
    i have some questions
    1_ is it possible to be a model in Korea, without any experience ? even i have never study about it ?
    2_ how many languages must i be fluent to work there ?
    3_ is it possible to work as a Model for only one year ?

    • hii i am from morocco too dream is living in south korea but i ill dont have my dream jobe …… i was wondering if we can be a friend or something ….that is going to make ass close to are dream …. i am 14 years old …. sorry about my bad english

  26. Hey Emma (= I’m just wondering how much do you get paid as being model in Korea?

  27. Hi Emma, thank your so much for doing this blog. My 17 year old daughter with Elite NY was asked to go to Model Directors in Korea this summer. Your comments are comforting as obviously she would be going alone. My largest concern is the number of hours you normally work a day, do you get any days off for downtime, and can you get simple basic food easily (pizza, chicken, hot dogs?)? Not the healthiest food I know but it’s what keeps her alive…lol. thanks, Paulette

  28. Hello! I am 17 years old and my sisters and i would love to model in Korea but for fashion and magazines. we are spanish/colombian/ chinese. We are not that tall. we are 5 feet and 4 inches:( Do you think an agency will take us for our face rater than height?? We are also identical triplets. Hope you can reply!!

  29. Emma, do you speak korean?

  30. I just want to know Agrdrkshvr modeling myself Korea could become a model height 170 I have a large eyes and do not be Prmzhh
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  31. Hello I am a full korean male. I am a foreignor from america, I was born there. I came to Korea mainly to see my family which I have not seen in so long. But I have come to a problem where I have recieved a temporary citizenship for korea (F4). But my korean is minimal. So it is kind of tough for me to apply even at basic markets or janitorial. Ive always been complimented about my height during my stay in Korea. I am 2 meter and 6 cms, in other words pretty much 7 ft tall. Im weighed at about 135Ibs. My shoes size is 300 (12). I have a small very toned facial and body. I am fairly skinny for my height. I am not only intrested but also determined that I was meant to be a model. In my opinion I have the perfect physique. By the way I am 20 years old. My main objective for this is I would dearly like to know how may I apply or contact main services for modeling-agency. I don’t have any experience in modeling but fortunately im a fast learner. Im really into fashion and clothes/designing so this in my opinion is the perfect setting. Please notify me by emailing me
    Thank You for your time, I look forward to hearing back from you.


  32. -first of all, sorry for my really baaad english xD-
    Hey! I love your story 🙂
    Im from Argentina and i want to be a model, cuz it looks cool and funny. And i really want to be one.
    I want to know ..
    – what i need to send to them?, i mean in the mail, i need to send to them photos of myself and what more?
    if isend my audition to an entertaiment that have actors, singers, MCs, etc.
    – Do you think its more difficult or more easy?..
    – its possible to they to pay me a ticket for travel to korea?
    – i had a surgery of my vesicle, do you think thats a problem? cuz i have the marks -i can make a plastic surgery for it so i have no problem-
    – what is the “perfect” weight and height for a model?
    – they give u a place to live in? Or u need to search for yourself?
    I guess thats all for now xD sorry for asking u too much questions.
    Bye and thank u <3

    • A couple things i know about modeling is you need to send them 10photos of your facial and body structure. Your age. Your height. Your weight. Your shoe size. I cant answer everything for you but i know that they will not send a plane for you. It your will and risk to take to come to seoul. And you need to knw how to read, write and speak basic korean. Basic greetings wont cut it. To be a model for most women you have to be tall. Like 5,10 or even 6 ft. And faces should be small too in order to fit into the pictures with group or solo shots. I dont know if they’ll house you cause it all depends on how the agency works. If you dont have friends living here in Seoul its gonna be difficult for you. If modeling is the only reason to come to korea I’d recommend to do it in your area. It will just be a hassle.By the way th legal age as an adult here in Korea is 19. So know the basics of laws and regulations in Korea. Its very different on many levels compared to the states. And also you must apply to get a temporary Visa in korea, (F4) Is what it is called. Without it people wont hire you. At the embassy to apply for an f4 you must have a reason to stay longer than 3 months. By the way everything costs money here. Nothing is covered just cause your a foreignor. Just know nothing is free here, for example you have to buy water at McDonald’s rather than just asking for a water cup in America. Research more before just coming here cause that would be a risky move. And there is alot of scams and fraud artists in korea so they will easily scam a foreignor if they get the chance. People will come up to you in public and talk to you and they’ll say something like if you donate $10 they’ll giv you $100, then they’ll just run away. Even sometimes the crazy ones will follow you and kidnap you and sell you to a fisherman. Its common in korea. They seem super innocent and nice you’ll never realize it till it happens. Rather than in the states when people ask to use your phone then run away with it, in korea they’ll snatch your phone while your using it. Be careful and cautious at all times. Good Luck
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    • I just want to know Agrdrkshvr modeling myself Korea could become a model height 170 I have a large eyes and do not be Prmzhh

  33. Emma Please tell me what to do only one who helped me to make the scheme myself how I tried to guide me
    elahe recently posted…Barbie® Prijst DiversiteitMy Profile

  34. In fact, I would like to model and then to China and South Korea go Kshvrkhvdshvm field is possible

  35. So please pray for me to get a small study

  36. Could you recommend me some good agency or your agency for modelling please. Thank you

  37. Also sorry i forgot to ask im guessing you have to be fairly good with korean language?

  38. Hello im really interested in modelling in korea. I am 20 years old from England and quite short, 155cm tall. I weigh 84 pounds. I have no experience of modelling however i often get complemented on my smile but am not too great at pouting haha. One question though is that well my ears stick out a little when wearing my hair down you cant tell however when my hair is tied up you can. Would this be a big problem? And also how do i get started? Any particular helpful sites or things to research online? Thank you!

  39. I model my face is a few steps away was that there should be how big eyes and long eyelashes I was going to tell me I’m an Iranian model to be there

  40. Hi! Perhaps do you know if they also accept curvy models in Seoul?

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Laia, They often apply to certain sizes but I have seen models with more curves who also worked well. You can always try, and contact some agencies.

  41. Tell me how China and South Korea to become a model, I am please help me beg Iran

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hello Elahe, I have no experience in China but if your going to China as a model be sure your with a good agency because i’ve heard some stories in the news about modeling in China when i was in Seoul. If the agency is good there will be no problems i guess.
      You can do some research on the internet to find some good agencies, also in Seoul/South Korea. Send them some basic pictures without make up. Whole body, close up from your face and the profile of your face and send them you measurements.
      You can also search an agency in the place where you live, and if they like you they can help you to go to China or South Korea.

  42. Hello, i am dike. Right now i am in russia coz of my study. I am interested in becoming model in south Korea but i don’t know how to apply for that. Please show me the right way. Thank you.

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Dike,
      Do you have an agency in Russia? Maybe you can start with searching an agency in Russia so you can start working. They can help you with pictures and also help you to go to South Korea. Send them some basic pictures. Whole body, close up from your face and the profile of your face and send them your measurements. Good luck!

  43. Hi! I’m 14 and I would really like to model!
    Can you please send me contact info and I’ll send you some pictures.
    Also, if i get into modeling, will the manager pay for my flight?

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Shauna, you can contact me at Instagram. You will find me at my name Emma Haarsma.
      If the agency likes you probably they will pay your flight but of course you need to work and
      pay them back. It also depends on your contract with your agency.

  44. Hi my name is Lauryn
    I have a few questions about modeling in Korea like:
    1. How tall do you have to be?
    2. How much experience do you have to have?
    3. Are there any models of color over there?
    4. How do models from another get jobs in Korea?

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Lauryn!
      1,75 will be perfect i guess, but there are models who are shorter. Most common is models from 1,70 till 1,80.
      It’s not really necessary to have much experience but it makes it easier. There a models with years of experience but there are also new models with no experience at all.
      There are models from everywhere, The USA, Europe, Russia and Africa. If you want to know if they like you, just send some pictures. If they like you it doesn’t matter where you come from.

  45. Sébastien Georges

    Hi, i have two questions for you, do you need visa for doing model in korea ? And if there is a market for men model foreigner ?

    Thanks a lot,

    S. Georges

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Sebastien! If you need a visa depends on where your from. I needed a visa but this was really easy to get. There is defiantly a market for men model foreigner. In Seoul are a lot of men models from everywhere. Good luck!

  46. Hello Emma!
    I am 19 (turkish/ukrainian).
    I want to work as a model in Seoul. But do I need visa? How can I be accepted to model agency?
    Thank you,
    Have a nice day~
    P.S. you are really beautiful, I hope you will succeed!:)

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Alice, Thank you so much! That’s so nice of you!
      You can be accepted as a model to a model agency by sending pictures and measurements of your self.
      I’m not sure if you need a visa because this is for every country different. Probably the embassy of South Korea in your country will know this, maybe you can contact them.
      Have a nice day! Good luck!

  47. Hi Emma!
    I really want to be photomodel in korea ..
    but i have skin problems .. ( acnes on my back and also scars )
    do you think is it still possible ?
    Gaby recently posted…Posing Lessons by Les & the Perfect SelfieMy Profile

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Gaby, I had the same problem, and this can be a problem if you want to work as a model. Unfortunately I lost some jobs because of my skin problems. The most importent thing for you to do is, find out why you have skin problems. For me the reason was hormonally. Food can also be a problem, it’s possible that you have a allergy. My skin problems disappeared when i used Birth control pills. I hope you skin will be better soon!

  48. i wanted to become a model in korea because i think it would be fun and an awsome experience but i have no modeling experience

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Lidia, For sure it’s a great experience and wou will have a lot of fun. The people are nice, the food is delicious and the jobs are great! No experience is not a problem. For everything there is a first time! If they like you and you have talent everything will be alright!

  49. Hi Emma.thanks alot.but how we work moleding in korea? Do you agree with us that the Korean company.lm 22 years old.and hight: 166cm .
    I’m waiting your answer

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Parya, 22 years old is probably no problem if they like you! Maybe your hight will be a problem but that depends on the agencies. Generally the models in Korea are shorter than the models in Europe. You can always contact some agencies in Seoul.

  50. Hi Emma, I am planning to move to Korea after I finish college to become a model. Will it be difficult for me if I don’t want to certain kinds of modeling, like langiere and such. Will being make it difficult for me?

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Simi, nice that you’re considering moving to Korea! You will love it! For modeling you need the right measurements otherwise it will be hard to work. Maybe you can send already some agencies your pictures and measurements. Good luck!!

  51. Hello Emma thanks for sharing your experiene! It was impressive! You guys are Europian. How about asian model? I,m from Mongolian. Experienced male model height is 187 cm very long haired
    I.m interesting i really want to be a model in south korea! Can you recomended your model agency? Thank you

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hello Chinzo! Thank you 🙂 Model Directors in Seoul is working with Europian models but also Asian models. So you can always try to find an agency there! There are a lot of Asian models who are working a lot. Good luck!

  52. Hi my name is yusuf hardex am from Nigeria and my 17 year old sister has always wanted to model/act. And has always been on my neck. any advice?

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Yusuf, Can you tell me what is your question exactly? Would you like to know how you sister can be succesull as a model and actress?

  53. Hi Emma ! Impressive!
    I thank you for sharing such interesting experience and
    Your modeling job
    Well truly, I would like to attend a modeling audition
    and of course I’m a western so that wouldn’t be easy
    cause I’ve heard koreans want to keep themselves pure blooded like they don’t give the job to the foreigners that much!! Do you find it true? I love modeling but I’m a bit worried since I’m pretty young to experience hardships like this..So… Any tips ?

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Sora, Thank you!! 🙂 I don’t know your age but it’s better to be young than too old. That means if you are really too young, you’re time will come. A lot of models start at a young age so don’t worry about that. And no problem you are western. There are jobs for asian models and also western models. There are a lot of boys and girls who are western and work really good in South Korea. If you have no agency, maybe you can start searching an agency in your country so they can help you with your development as a model. Good luck!

  54. Hello. I am interested in modeling in Korea, Seoul but I don’t live near Korea at all (Northern Europe). Do you know if modeling agencies would be willing to pay the flight to Seoul? And do Korean modeling agencies take in part timers?( for 1/4 – 1:ish years). I am male and I have no experience at all, I’ve heard that the height requirement is 5”10 (roughly 1.8m) and I am taller than that. Can you maybe recommend some good agencies in Seoul?
    Thanks in advance

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      People from Europe can get good jobs in South Korea. My agency in Seoul is Model Directors, they have male and female models. 1,80 is a good height for a man model in Seoul. You can send them some basic pictures and your messergemnts. If they like you, they will pay your ticket but ofcourse you have to pay it back when you start working. Sometimes it depends on your contract with them. Good luck!

  55. Hi Emma i really want to start modeling but i wonder if i will get the job because i have scars on my leg.

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Bre, Don’t worry about that. I think i never saw a model without a scar or birthmarks. Nobody is perfect! If they like your face and body and your tall enough there is no problem. It’s a about the whole packege. You van always try to start a model career, if you don’t try you will never know!

  56. Hi Emma I live in the US I’m 5’4 and I want to start a modeling career in south Korea is there any agencies that you recommend, I already have experience modeling but as you can imagine my high is a problem over here

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Brenda,
      The models in Seoul are sometimes shorter than in Europe. So maybe you can find a agency there for some other model jobs and send them some pictures from your experience as a model in the US. Good luck.

  57. Hi emma, I was wondering if you can recomnend me sone model agencies in Seoul. I’m really interested (: oh and how tall would you have to be in order to become a model in Seoul?
    Thank you (:

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Adriana,
      The models in Seoul a little bit shorter than in Europe. I think if you’re not shorter than 1,70 it’s ok.
      I can you recommend my own agency Model Directors. Good luck!

  58. We are moving to Seoul in August and my 11 year old daughter has always wanted to model/act. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you and good luck!

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Ginny, In my opinion she is pretty young to start a model career. I’m not sure how old she needs to be to sign a contract with a model agency. Maybe you can contact some agencies in Seoul. If they like her, maybe she can start with some small jobs or test shoots and if she’s a little bit older she can work more. Good Luck!

  59. Hi there!

    My agency wants to send me to Seoul… however I keep being told that they like light skin and a babyface. Judging by all the pictures you posted alll of the girls do have light hair and babyfaces. I have dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin and no babyface (im 24 years old) Can you tell me your thoughts on this pleasE? Thank you!

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Tiffany, people told me the same but it’s not like that. When i was in Seoul gingers were populair and worked a lot. My agency had more people in town with brown hair than blond and they worked good. So blond hair and light skin is not a guarentee.

      • But did most of the models have lighter skin? I am fairly dark

        • Emma Haarsma
          Emma Haarsma

          I don’t know how it is on the moment, but maybe you can check some agencies website and look how the models look like who are in town. But still, even though all the models have a light skin maybe you can make a difference. Be confident!

  60. Jacqueline

    Hi, Emma! I live in Germany, I am 16 and I want to be a model in Korea. I have a question. I read very often, that Girls below 1,72 doesn’t have really a Chance to become a Model. Is it right? I am 1,65 thats too small right? I have no Chance right?..I’d like to travel as soon it is possible to Seoul…Please answer me.

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Jacqueline, for high fashion it’s important to be tall, at least around 1, 75
      But i noticed that a lot of models in Seoul are shorter. Maybe you can check some websites of model agencies in Seoul to see what the criteria is. You can always send them a email with some pictures of your self and information. It’s ofcourse the whole package. Good luck!

  61. I want to be a model but I don’t have much experience, I’m confident of myself. But I’m pretty sure experience will be one of the criteria when applying or “auditioning” to an agency. 🙁
    Ae Reyes recently posted…“Do you know what it is like,
    to lie in bed awake;
    My Profile

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi, experience is not a big criteria. Most important is your look, sizes, lenght and a good feeling for modelling. It will help if you are photogenic. Every model started somewhere without any experience!

  62. Hey Emma
    I’ve thought about modelling for a while. I’m a mother of two I’m also married. What I’m interested in doing is doing modelling as a part thing. I do have one important question. What is the pay roughly?
    Ps I live in Pohang

  63. Hi, Emma! I’ve always wanted to be a model, but I’m not that tall; only around 5’2″-5’4″. Could I still get hired for just print work? Also, will any agencies sponsor a visa if they like someone enough? My current plan is to go teach for a year in August and then try to find another job, but I don’t think I want to wait that long if I can get another job to sponsor me to go over there. Sorry for so many questions, and thanks for all of this information!

  64. hi. I’ve a dream since I was young which is model. I’m afraid to show my skin cause my skin isn’t even out like some part are much darker than the rest. can you advise me what should I do and how do I apply to become model in seoul? thank you 🙂

  65. hi my name is hazeal and I’m from nigeria. I’ve long loved to be a model in korea….is there any scholarship pertaining to this?.

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Hazeal! I think in South Koreo there isnot realy a scholarship. I know in my country some agencies are doing a modelcamp for people who have potention to become a model. But maybe you can send some emails with information and pictures about yourself to agencies near where your living. If they like you they can help you to go to Korea or even other countries. Good luck! Xx Emma

  66. Hii dear Emma I’m glad to find you here.. Could you help me please? … I’m from Iran and I’m interested in modeling in Korea ..but now I’m living in Iran and it’s so hard to get Korean visa for me .. 🙁
    I wanna know that can I apply in their agency while I’m in Iran? Or I must be in Korea for apply?

  67. Hello, Emma!
    I have a complicated situation now because I’ve got tickets to Seoul (July~August) but I need to find some part-time work due my stay in Korea to cover some expenses. I’ve decided that modelling will be the best way both to earn some money and to do what I like:) So, is it possible to stay in Korea for only two month and work under some agency (I visit Korea every summer)? Or I cannot deal with it in such a short period of time?
    Really need your advice coz I have no idea how it works in Korea!! Thank you very much!

  68. hi I am a black guy from Cameroon and I have been in Korea for some time now and I would wish to take up a career as a model. please any advice on how to go about that??

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Oliver, hope you enjoy Korea! Are you in Seoul or another place? Maybe you can contact by email some model agencies there. Send them some pictures of you and some information. If you go to google you can find there some agencies. My agency in Seoul is model directors, they are good! So maybe you can try them! Good luck! Xx Emma

  69. If you click message- see all- others. I think you can find it there. If not, tell me and I write my questions here.Thank you! 🙂

  70. Hi! My name is Christina . I found your facebook page and I send you a message a few days ago. I have some questions about the modeling career . If you can make some time and read my message I will be very grateful.Thank you!

    • Emma Haarsma

      Hi Christina, Did you send me a message on Facebook? Because i didn’t get any message. Are you sure you sent it to me? Maybe you can send me again a message or ask me here?

    • Emma Haarsma
      Emma Haarsma

      Hi Christina! Sorry but i cant find your message 🙁 Maybe you can send me oneagain? Or send me a message here. Xx Emma

  71. Hi im maral from iran aand now im seoul and rea:ly i like working modeling plz tell me how i can finde a good model agency

    • Emma Haarsma

      Hi maral! Maybe you can find some good agency online based in Seoul. Send them a email and tell them you are in Seoul on the moment. Send them some good pictures and information about yourself. Your age, how tall you are and sizes. It’s importend that the pictures are as normal as possible. Some basic make up and maybe a jeans with a tanktop. Good luck and enjoy Seoul!

    • Hii maral I’m from Iran kheyli khoshhalam ke inja yek irani peyda kardam shoma chand sale tone??

  72. Hello Emma, am a Nigerian and will also like to model in korea…. dnt rily knw how to go about it and dont know the agency that i can join. Pls i need ur advice and recommendation concerning the agency. Thanks in advance……waiting to hearing from you

    • Emma Haarsma

      Hi Susan! I recommend you my agency in Seoul Model Directors. But there are also some other good agencies as W and View but i have no experience with them. If you have a mother agency maybe you can ask them to contact them and otherwise you can send them an email with your pictures, age, sizes and how tall you are. I wish you good luck and i hope you will find a good agency in Seoul!

  73. Hey @Dannie have you figured out about freelancing (working without an agency you mean?) yet? emma could you tell Dannie more?

  74. Just read the other comments … How are they? How are the apartments ? Did the guys work well?

  75. Just got an offer in Korea, have you heard of “model Directors”?

    • Emma Haarsma

      Hi Jackson, Yes they are my agency in Seoul. They are realy nice, hard working people 🙂 In my opinion they are one of the best there! Guys can also work well but ofcourse it depends on the type of model and what clients want that season. The apartments are good, no luxury but everything you need, and a nice few 😉

  76. Emma

    Hi Dannie, No problem, you can Always ask! Yes i think that is possible because there are some models without mother agency. But you have to manage your self en contact them by your self. Xxx Emma

  77. Hello..Emma! Thank you. I’ll contact them. Oh..i wanna ask you something. Can i be freelance model in Seoul? sorry..if i am ask you a lot of questions. 🙂 Good luck for your career. God Bless you. Xoxo 🙂

  78. Hello, I want to be a model in Seoul. I am still looking for model agency in Seoul, Can you recommend me some models agency? 🙂 the way you’re so pretty and i think you’ll be famous in Korea. Thank you!

    • Emma Haarsma

      Hi Dannie, Thank you! 🙂 I’m working for Model Directors and i’m really happy to be with them, because they work really hard for the models and also personal contact is great, they take good care of the models. So maybe you can contact them. Just send them some natural pictures of you and some information about your self. Or if you have a mother agency, ask them to contact them. Good luck! Xx Emma

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