Dutch fashion model Pascal Bier-De Jong (De Boekers) has an amazing, athletic body. No wonder he gets booked a lot because of his physique! Read the interview with Pascal in which he reveals to guys his secrets on how to get a great body like his and gives practical tips to girls!

Name: Pascal Bier-De Jong
Agencies: De Boekers, JOY Models Milano, Talent Models Munich
Modeling since: 2011
A few clients I’ve worked for: De Bijenkorf, Karl Lagerfeld, GQ magazine, G-Star, MuchachoMalo &  Obvious Magazine NYC
Specialty: green blue eyes with dark hair, athletic body


Pascal, you’re a model with a gorgeous body; it is clear that you put effort in maintaining your body like it is now. Did modeling influence the way you handle your body, or is it quite the opposite and did modeling make you become more aware of your lifestyle?

Thank you, that´s always nice to hear. When I seriously started modeling, my work-out changed a bit, but the last years I have been totally into a good and effective work-out. As a model you need to fit into certain sizes and of course take care of looking good on picture. I do enjoy my work-out schedule though: it makes me feel good and it’s part of my job. You never know when you get booked for for example an underwear job and then you want to feel and look good. I always try to be in the best shape as possible as I am a professional model.


What does your lifestyle look like to get a lean, muscular body like yours?

Since I am modeling my work-out balance changed a bit; I now do less strength exercises and more cardio, which works well for me.  I try to be in the gym five times a week for about 1,5 hour. I always invest more time in my cardio exercise and a little less strength exercises as I mentioned before.

When I am abroad for a job it is not always possible to maintain my schedule, at these times my food needs to be balanced well.

Regarding my nutrition: I eat lots of vegetables, protein like fish, eggs or chicken and the carbs and fats that I consume mainly come from nuts. I love nuts and most of them almonds!



What are your favorite exercises?

My favorite machine is the stepping machine for my cardio and I most enjoy training my shoulders and arms. Before I was into modeling, I enjoyed the bench-press most, but my chest gets too large quite easy… so that is one thing that has changed because of the modeling.

What about cardio? Do you think it is overrated?
Nope; a good balance is always important and besides the exercises the food is as important as the work-out. What you eat is what you feel … a body needs to be treated well if you really care about it.

What do you like most about working out?

It gives me energy. I enjoy it most after my breakfast. Then you feel the energy rushing through your body the whole day. It keeps me sharp!



What do you think is more determining to get a body like yours: exercise or diet?

I always say to people: I am not on a diet. Lots of people think you need to do a crash diet or something like that. For me that doesn´t works. I tried it one time… man it makes me feel bad! I try to balance the sports part with the food I take. I enjoy food a lot! Good quality food and healthy stuff makes me feel good so why should I take a Big Mac? It´s not in my system to snack or eat lots of candy. Proper food is important for me and of course I got my weak spot as well: … Indonesian food! It’s the best, but not every day. So yes I watch what I eat a bit, also because of the job, but no, it´s not a diet. For me my lifestyle is easy to maintain.

Are there any dietary regulations that you follow to make your workout more beneficial?

Yes there are a few. Try to take more protein and try to skip carbs in the evening.

If there would be four foods that any guy that wants a lean and muscular physique like yours should always have at home, what would it be?

Low fat quark, tuna or chicken filet, unroasted nuts and apples.

You are on your way a lot for work. I assume you don’t buy fast food when you won’t be home to cook a proper meal. What kind of snack do you carry with you and what do you do when you don’t have the time to cook yourself a meal?

Nuts are the best snack to carry around! If I don´t have time to cook, I try to find a shop that sells a good meal with good ingredients. I love sushi, but then you need a big wallet as well if you eat it fewer times a week. If I don´t have time to cook, I try to make a proper, quick salad: chickpeas, tomatoes, tuna, lettuce and some herbs like red pepper, garlic and some soy sauce.



What mistake regarding diet and exercise that you often see made, should not be made if a man aims at getting a body like yours?

Not eating at all. That´s really the worst thing you can do. A man needs his food even if you want to get leaner or lose weight. Try to eat smaller portions spread over 5 to 6 times a day. Have more carbs, like muesli with yogurt, in the morning and have a bit more protein and less carbs during the day. Have lots of vegetables and a protein source in the evening. In the meantime, snack on some fruit or nuts.

Can you describe your dietary intake and exercise routine of one regular day?
Well, here is a day when I am not working:

I always have breakfast … never skip it. Low fat yogurt with muesli, some dried fruit, cinnamon and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Together with a cup of black coffee or green tea this is the kick-start of my day.

Then the gym: 50 minutes of cardio, half an hour strength training and 15 minutes of working my abs.

After that I have lunch: some boiled eggs, humus and chicken on a few slices of spelt bread or some corn crackers. Later on during the day, when I am on the road visiting some clients or doing some go-sees, I’ll have a hand full of unroasted nuts and an apple.

In the evening I prepare diner: a healthy soup with grilled chicken or fish. After that, a piece of fruit and again some nuts, so this makes me eat for about 5 times a day. I consider an apple and a hand full of nuts as a small meal as well.

What can girls learn from your dietary and exercise routine?

A lot, because sometime I hear them say the most stupid things like: “oh no, my booker said I can’t eat any chewing gum, there are too many calories in it”. I get tired of that kind of remarks or discussions. Eat well and exercise! You feel what your body needs if you listen to it well. Some girls rather eat lots of chocolate and skip the whole proper food part. I couldn’t do that! I will get depressed.

You can actually see the differences in the girls who are following unhealthy diets and the girls that do eat (healthier) and exercise. The last group is skinny and lean, the other group is just skinny and has loose skin… ànd they don´t have any energy. That´s no fun!

For me as a model my looks are important, but the way I feel also reflects on the client. So if there is good energy, the booking changes can increase!

Thank you very much Pascal for this interview. I wish you good luck with your modeling career. Reasoning from your looks and personality, this won’t be a problem!


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