The right workout clothes positively affect my motivation to workout. The new H&M High Energy Sport Collection surely does so to me!

New H&M High Energy Sport Collection 2013

The right workout clothes positively affect my motivation to workout. The new H&M High Energy Sport Collection surely does so to me!

I don’t know how it works for you, but somehow the right workout clothes positively affect my motivation to work out. So what actually are the right workout clothes?  To some it might mean the right color or the right style, which is perfectly fine; a fashion victim is a fashion victim, whether you’re working out or not. To others it might mean the right fit and the right fabric; baggy pants and sweatpants don’t ease your workout and bad fabric may even cause a rash.

Good news: with its new High Energy sports collection 2013, H&M meets the demands of both preconditions, being made of  special fabric that keeps you dry, in fashionable neon colors mixed with black. Most fits are tight, yoga outfits are somewhat more loose. The collection furthermore consists of good quality, sexy bra’s. It’s almost (really, àlmost) a pity that in most gyms it is not allowed to walk around in your bra. Pretty bra’s like these in the picture beneath should be seen, right?!



H&M’s sports collection 2013 is available in stores now. Get inspired (and motivated 😉 by the new H&M Sports High Energy Collection 2013!

Basic black is always good! Cool seeing kettle bells in this picture by the way; I love kettle bell workouts!


Too bad working out in just a bra is not alowed in most gym’s 😉

My fav outfit (and one of my fav warm-ups)! After seeing the H&M Sports collection online, I realised that I accidentally bought this complete set 🙂


I guess this is not so much of an indoor outfit and I am not a big fan of the top, but the shoes (that are actually not from H&M) and tights look nice and of perfect fit.


Lovely Dutch Cato Van Ee @ Paparazzi Model Management. Psst! A wide waistband like this makes your waist look slimmer!





Yep, loving the green!



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