I am so much looking forward towards me-time between Christmas and New Years! Eve I prefer spending it walking around in my pajamas as long as possible, working out and enjoying nice food of course and reading books in my bed and on the couch.

I am regularly asked for tips on good books about nutrition and health. That’s why today I share with you the books from inspiring authors that I’ve read or are on my wish-list to read during the Christmas holidays.


Tip 1: Eet jezelf mooi, slank en gelukkig | Amber Albarda 

[one_half]Eet jezelf mooi, slank en gelukkig | Amber Albarda  [/one_half]
[one_half_last]The book by Amber Albarda was one of the first books I read about healthy eating. Amber was a hype on the internet at that time and I followed her blog. In response, I bought her book.
An important advice that I took from her book is that you can address health complaints, like fatigue for example, to your nutrition. Amber advices to prohibit fatigue by choosing slow over fast carbohydrates, i.e.
Amber helps you a hand with your ‘diet’ by sharing simple, delicious recipes. Amber shows in her book that you can enjoy tasty food if you want to work on a beautiful, slim body and healthy mind. even if you’re making healthy choices.[/one_half_last]
Shop “Eet jezelf mooi, slank en gelukkig” here
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Tip 2: 100% gifvrij | Julia Kang 

[one_half]100% gifvrij | Julia Kang  [/one_half][one_half_last]Accessible book that informs about the toxins in our food, that are stored in the fat tissue in our body. Julia writes in her book that the storage of toxins in fat impedes weight loss. As a solution she advices eating organic foods. Julia furthermore shares tips for toxin-free snacks, i.e.
I heard about Julia through a very knowledged guy in the field of nutrition who recommended Julia’s book. Julia’s book is very refreshing for everyone that just counts calories to lose weight.
The disadvantage of the book is that hardly any research has been done on storage of toxins in fat tissue and difficulties in losing weight. I do like the book though, because it gives a great insight on stressful substances in our food.[/one_half_last]

Shop “100% gifvrij” here

Tip 3: Superfood Recepten | Jesse van der Velde

[one_half]Superfood recepten | Jesse van de Velde
[/one_half][one_half_last]I know Jesse because my mom sometimes sends me tips from Jesse’s blog. As a health blogger, I obviously am already aware of most of the tips and advices he shares with his public, but I find Jesse inspirational and accessible and therefore his latest book “Superfood Recepten” is my book tip number 3.

In his book “Superfood Recepten” Jesse shares, as the title suggests, easy recipes for cooking with superfoods. In addition, Jesse lists which superfoods are available, why they are so healthy and how to add them to your[/one_half_last]

diet. Jesse’s book is a must-read for those who like to eat superfoods, but are in need of inspiration on how to use them in the kitchen.

Shop “Superfood Recepten” here.


Tip 4: Het Voedselzandloperkookboek | Kris Verburgh 


[one_half] Het Voedselzandloperkookboek | Kris Verburgh[/one_half]
[one_half_last]I finished Kris ‘ 1st book “De Voedselzandloper” within a blink of the eye. This was also one of the first books I read about nutrition and one of the books that inspired me to take better care of my nutritional choices.
Kris’ 1st book specially made me reconsider my at that time rather high protein intake. Kris claims that a too high intake of protein, allows for accelerated aging and also increases the risks of developing cancer. Kris also warns for a high carbohydrate intake; something I totally agree on. Furthermore , Kris advices to limit milk and cereal. Finally Kris emphasizes that you will not only age less quickly when you follow his advice, but you can also expect weight loss as a additional effect.[/one_half_last]
Kris’2nd book “Het Voedselzandloperkookboek” is an approachable recipe book in” De Voedselzandloper”-style, in which you can find easy recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunch, appetizers, dinner, desserts and drinks. In addition, Kris continues sharing tips on how to slow down the aging process.
Kris supports all of his claims with scientific studies, which you can all find in a source list in the back of the book. There is, however, some criticism on Kris ‘ book “De Voedselzandloper”, on which “Het Voedselzandloperkookboek” is based. Some of the criticism are i.e. that not all studies justify his claims, for example because they are outdated and contain foreign data. Another criticism is that the foundation is not complete, because sometimes only a few studies have been chosen to support a certain claim, while studies that prove the contrary, are not being discussed.
Nevertheless, Kris’ 1st  book “De Voedselzandloper” is a good book if you want to gain knowledge about making healthy nutritional choices. Kris’ 2nd book , “Het Voedselzandloperkookboek”, is a must-read for “De Voedselzandloper”-fans and those that need practical help with healthy, easy recipes. 

Shop “Het Voedselzandloperkookboek” here.


Tip 5: De Boodschappencoach | Ralph Moorman 

+ De Feestdagencoach

[one_half]De Boodschappencoach + De Feestdagencoach | Ralph Moorman [/one_half]
[one_half_last]Ralph Moorman is very knowledged when it comes to hormones in relation to weightloss, as he shared with us before in his guest blog.
After “De Hormoonfactor” and “Het Hormoonbalansdieet”, Ralph recently published “De Boodchappencoach”. I found “De Hormoonfactor” an easy to read book, which renewed my perspective on how to deal with food to enhance health and lose weight. Ralph’s message in his 1st book is that complaints such as tiredness and weight gain can be assigned to imbalanced hormones, which in turn can be assigned to and solved with our nutrition. Ralph advices to a.o. avoid[/one_half_last]products from industrial farming and flavor enhancers.
Ralph newest book “De Boodschappencoach” helps you to make healthy, clean and honest choices in the supermarket. For Ralph Moorman fans, “De Boodschappencoach” is a book that shouldn’t be missing in your “hormoonbalans” book range.
Shop “De Boodschappencoach + De Feestdagencoach” at here.



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