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Hier vind je informatie over voeding. Ik probeer altijd zoveel mogelijk 2 kanten van ‘het verhaal’ te belichten, zodat jij zelf, goedgeïnformeerd, je keuzes kunt maken.

In-Vitro Burger Versus Mc²Burger: the Battle

What if … we can produce sustainable meat that doesn’t demand intensive farming or the slaughter of cattle? Reduce water spill, greenhouse gas emissions and other energy spill drastically? Bring livestock farming space down with 99% to protect our natural environment?  Can the in-vitro burger make our world better? And what about the mc²Burger?   Let the battle of the burgers begin …  

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No To GMO! Print the Monsanto Boycott List

Monsanto boycott list

Herbicides Monsanto's Roundup (glyphosate) cause food and environmental poisoning. According to scientific studies even in low quantities this causes cancer, birth deficits and other health problems. Print your Monsanto boycott list here and never shop without it again!

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