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Hier vind je informatie over voeding. Ik probeer altijd zoveel mogelijk 2 kanten van ‘het verhaal’ te belichten, zodat jij zelf, goedgeïnformeerd, je keuzes kunt maken.

Spice Up Your Sexlife!

The oyster is an Aphrodisiac food

The Greeks improved their sexlife by arousing lust and intensify their sexual desire with aphrodisiacs. Get your list of aphrodisiacs here and spice up your sexlife!

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Amount of Sugar in Food Visualized

amount of sugar in food visualized

Did you know a Starbucks Frappuccino contains 12 cubes of sugar? That a tiny box of raisins contains more sugars than a can of Redbull? And that chocolate pudding contains less sugar than an orange, watermelon and grapes?

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Maple syrup

I love baking and I love English high tea's. Off course I want to maintain my healthy lifestyle, so I always go for healthy options.

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