[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o I really eat healthy every day? Do I ever cheat (with food, that is)? Am I really the health freak you think I am?

I’ve been getting a lot of these kind of questions lately. I wonder why πŸ˜‰ Well, I actually cΓ n totally understand, as the typical health coach/health educator is indeed a health freak, frigid, white socks in sandals type of person that brushes its teeth with water and doesn’t use shower gel (don’t shoot me, health coaches, I’m just making fun ;).

Hold it, hold it, hold it! ThΓ t aint me! I brush with toothpaste. I wash with Nivea, sometimes with Dove.

But, I never, ever cheat. Or let me state it in a different way: I do cheat, ‘fall off the wagon’ once in a while, but I do not see this as cheating. I actually kind of enjoy falling off the wagon once in a while πŸ™‚ My favorite ‘fall of the wagon’ food: Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cups. Sticking my face in a Nutella yar (have you tried my Notella yet?) is good as well. Oh. My. Lord. *drool*

Anyway, on multiple request, here’s part one of my food diary! 


Thursday, Jan 30 2014

Today I am shooting an editorial in a studio with a lovely team that I’ve worked with before. In the morning I get up at 6:45 a.m. and have breakfast with 3 scrambled eggs (I always use coconut oil) with spinach, tomato lots of black pepper and some fine sea salt and a black coffee, after I took my daily lemon juice in water and supplements (omega 3 capsule (vegetarian) and multivitamins). At the train station I grab a large green tea. When I get to the studio I go into hair & make-up and we shoot 4 sets of outfits. We’re half way now, so it’s time for lunch.

Lunch is provided by the studio catering. The options include different kinds of white bread with chicken/mozzarella, garnished with veggies and a thick layer of mayonnaise or such. I skip this lunch because I don’t eat white bread since it upsets my intestines and I would miss important fibers anyway. Luckily I brought my own lunch, which I always do – just in case. Today I had in coconut oil stir-fried carrots, leek, zucchini, red onion and broccoli with chicken (organic, free range) and herbs like thyme and basil. I actually ate my lunch with my plate on my lap while I was in hair & make-up. I think I incorporated  good amount of hairspray πŸ™‚ I finished my lunch with a black coffee.

In the afternoon I snack on a veggie broth and home made raw flax seed crackers with rosemary. After we shot the remaining 4 sets, we are done and it’s time to go home. I travel by train and since I am rather tired and am having dinner all alone that evening :(, I decide to buy a take away shrimp salad at the train station. In this post I have described other healthy options that are at hand in most (to go) supermarkets, just in case you need something simple and quick in similar situations. I added some of my left over chicken and left out the white pasta for the same reason as I left didn’t take the white bread. During the day I had multiple tea’s and glasses of water.

In the evening I snack on a green apple and a piece of LoveChock (pure/nibs is my favorite). Before I go to bed I take a calcium-magnesium-zinc supplement, which I need because I don’t eat dairy (just some goat yogurt once in a while) and ensures healthy bones and is helpful when you suffer from insomnia, depression and migraines. I do have some problems sleeping from time to time, especially when I have a busy week modelling, working on my blog, 2 new project at Great Body & Skin (can’t tell yet πŸ™ and of course: working out.


In hair & make-up with my lunch plate on my lap. A model’s life πŸ˜‰


What I eat differs from day to day. As such, what I ate on the day I described isn’t necessarily a representation of what I eat on a daily base. Other days I would have added some more pseudo-grains for instance, like a buckwheat pancake, buckwheat porridge or home made raw superfood cereals with rice-, oat- or almond milk.

I also like to alternate my meals with vegan options. I do so by incorporating nuts into my diet, for instance. In the evening I would make myself vegan Brussels sprouts for instance. Or I make a high protein smoothie. Plenty of healthy options!

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xx Angela

Question of the day: do you bring your own lunch and snacks on set? If so, what do you bring?


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