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do we really need bra's

Do We Really Need A Bra?Hebben We Echt een BH Nodig?

This morning I received a text message from my dad. “Can you come online on Skype, honey?” Fifteen minutes later my dad’s face popped up on my computer screen. Although it was not the reason for the call, as it turned out, dad soon began talking about breasts. It seemed that he had landed on a video about breasts. This involved science and therefore, according to dad, it was permissible that he was watching a breast video.Vanmorgen vroeg kreeg ik een smsje van mijn vader. “Kun je even op Skype komen, schatje?” Nadat ik mijzelf een kop thee had ingeschonken en mijn oortjes erbij had gepakt verscheen een kwartier later het gezicht van mijn vader op mijn beeldscherm. Hoewel het niet de reden van het gesprek was, zo bleek later, begon pap al snel over borsten. Hij had namelijk op een site iets interessants gevonden over borsten. Het ging hierbij over wetenschap en daarom was het volgens hem geoorloofd dat hij op een site bezig was met borsten.

Beginners Guide to Modeling: How To Get Into Modeling

[:en]Beginners Guide to Modeling: How To Get Into Modeling[:nl]Tips Voor Aspirant Modellen: Zo Word Je Model[:]

[:en]When I first started modeling, aspirant models had to send a printed letter and a stack of photos in an envelope to a modeling agency. If you wanted to have your photos returned, you’d have to enclose a stamped envelope and put your address on the back of photos.

Now, 16 years later, contacting agencies to see if you can model works quite differently. How this works exactly is, however, still unclear to many aspiring models. As such, girls regularly ask me how they can become a model and which steps they should take.

Of course you should firstly meet the requirements regarding appearance. This usually means that you are at least 1.73 m, have size 34-36, are 14 years old or older, have straight teeth, a flawless skin, a symmetrical and interesting face and beautiful hair. There are exceptions to the rule, and that’s Kate Moss (she is shorter than 1.70 m).

It is not my expertise to indicate on the basis of a persons looks if he or she can be a model. I’d rather leave this to the bookers of modeling agencies. What I can do is give aspiring models a push in the right direction by sharing a few tips.[:nl]Wil jij graag model worden? Met deze tips weet je precies hoe je het aanpakt en wat de beste bureau’s zijn om je bij aan te melden![:]