Is running in the summer heat dangerous

Is Running with High Temperatures Safe?

Is running with high temperatures safe? Is running in the full sun dangerous? Read on to find out!

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As you might know, I recently picked up on running again. Coincidentally, at the same time that picked up on running again, temperatures rose fast. I am not gonna let the temperatures ruin my intention to start running again, forcing me to take a break and wait for lower temperatures before I can start to run again.

Bottom line: I will go on with my 0-5K training schedule, continue running and I will not be stopped by the summer heat.

Take precautions

“Isn’t running in the heat dangerous?”, I hear you thinking. No, it isn’t. At least, not if you are fit and take the following precautions:


At least 2 hours in advance, start drinking enough water. Don’t forget to drink after your run and bring water on runs that taker longer than 30 minutes. I like to drink coconut water, as it contains more rehydrating electrolytes than water.

Protect your head

Wear a cap or bandana to protect your head and brains from the heat of the sun while running. Your head is the most important body part to cover to prevent sun stroke.

Use a spf

Use a protective sun lotion with a high filter or sunblock. Take extra care of your shoulders, chest and face, as these area’s catch most sun. 

Early morning or late evening run

Temperatures are cooler early in the morning and late in the evening. Don’t run between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. to avoid running in the heat and full sun.

Take it slow

Run slower when the temperatures are high; rather just go for an easy jog on a hot day. Also, don’t run as far as you normally would and alternate jogging/running with walking more often.


Running on hot summer days don’t have to be, but càn be dangerous if you don’t take precautions. Be wise: take it slow, hydrate, wear a cap and use a high spf lotion.

Take care and enjoy running during summer!



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