[dropcap]R[/dropcap]emember my post last year about my running event the 10 mile (16K) Dam tot Damloop? I ran  10 mile in 01:36:21 and right after, I ran 20K. It went great, so I expected to be able to run half a marathon by now. Can I?

Runners knee, shinsplint and tiredness

Unfortunately – and I admit right away – I can’t. I can’t run half a marathon. Not even close. I can’t even run close to 10 mile. The truth is even far from that. As I posted on my Instagram yesterday I am thrown back from running 16K in 1.5 hour (or so) to 2.6K in 20 minutes. All due to a runners knee, shinsplint and tiredness. 

Dam Tot Damloop 2013
Damloop 2013, which was 10 mile (16 km), was my second organised run ever. I ran for Dance4Life, an organisation that focusses on sexual education to prevent hiv infection. Thanks to great sponsors I collected € 485,- for Dance4Life with my run. Whoop whoop! My time stamp was 01:36:21, of which I ran mostly in training zone 5 according to my watch.

Fanaticism, my biggest pitfall

So here’s why I got thrown back so far. My left knee, right shin and tiredness. All because of fanaticism – my biggest pitfall. My shin and knee got painful every time after running only a few minutes. That sucks big time. Running also tired me up pretty bad. I work out in the gym and sometimes on the street as well; that in combination with running and trying to regularly shift my boundaries, push myself to run faster and further too soon and too often definitely have been a little too much. So I stopped running for a while to give myself and my knee and shin some rest. 

Runners high

Although it was the best to do, I felt pretty unfortunate about my ‘run sabbatical’, especially now that the weather is so nice and the early mornings are nice and sunny. I really miss running at those moments. I miss the runners high, the freedom to just go and run whenever and wherever I want, taking a shower and feeling fresh and energized after my morning run, the opportunity to clear my head after a working day and relieve some stress …

I don’t want to be the tortoise among the hares!

Pain free runs!

So I decided: I want to get back and start to run again! At this moments I have had 2 short runs of approximately 2.6 to 2.9 K in 20 to 25 minutes. Were they pain free? Yes they were! This is good news! It means I allow myself to start to run again! 😀

This time I will get back much slower though; I’ll do anything to avoid stepping into the same pitfall of putting too much stress on my body again. I used to push myself by enrolling myself in running events, which made it necessary to train regularly and go faster and further (as I don’t want to be the tortoise among the hares). Good for motivation, but it increases the risk of damaging joints and stressing out the body too much.

Tempting running events

I am not sure yet whether I will register myself for a running event on the short term. With my pitfall in the back of my head, I actually decided not to, until someone asked me to join the 10 mile Dam tot Damloop or a 10K running event on Instagram yesterday. I think 10 mile is off the hook for sure, but it’s very tempting to go along with the 10K running event. Who knows, maybe I could participate in the 10K running event, which takes place late September … I think the best would be to not register for the event at this moment, but rather register for a short 5K running event … I could always see how well trained I am late September and decide whether I take part in the 10K run or not. We’ll see!

The long term

The most important thing is that I want to slowly build up my K’s, distance, duration and the times a week that I run. I look at the long term and therefore I don’t need to take part in runs. When I feel I am strong enough, participating in longer runs (and maybe even races) will be an option. Not pushing myself will be my key in getting back stronger than ever (whoops, I am already pushing myself by saying this!). Let’s focus on my first goal: running 5K in 4 weeks.

Things that will help run a pain free 5K

Besides detaining from the longer running events for a while, there are a few more things that I will keep in mind and commit to that will help me run a pain free 5K in 4 weeks. You can read what these things are in this article. Looking for conveniant run training schedules and apps? This article might be insightful!


Let me be your guide!

Who wants to join me in running a pain free 5K in 4 weeks? After 4 weeks we’ll add up in speed, work on duration and after that we’ll add up the K’s. Who knows we’ll all be running a 10K in September!

Sounds good? I’ll be your guide! Just make sure you follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my breakfast delivery (new blog posts delivered to your mailbox every morning) or monthly newsletter (last weeks blog updates delivered to your mailbox on Sunday morning).

xo Angela


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