As a running enthusiast I know running on a pair of good, high quality running shoes is extremely important to prevent injuries.
Saucony’s new Kinvara 4 running shoes (available May 1st 2013) use innovative techniques that protect your joints and feet against injuries and at the same time are minimalist running shoes that mimic natural running. Besides, the high tech Kinvara 4 comes in a number of very cool colors. Those are gonna be some very fancy spring/summer runs if you’d ask me!

 The importance of high quality running shoes

I can imagine that if you’re not sure yet whether you like running or not, your first runs will be in sneakers that you have right at hand. At the moment you are sure that you want continue on with running, make sure you get yourself a high quality pair of running shoes: sooner or later you will regret it if you didn’t get yourself one of those, because running on bad shoes is asking for problems with muscles and joints. If you are a perfervid runner, you know about the importance of high quality running shoes and the need to replace them on time.


Natural running

A brand that I can recommend when it comes to running shoes is Saucony. Within its section of running shoes, Saucony has a subsection of ‘natural motion’. Natural motion refers to a natural way of running that goes back to the origins of prehistoric barefoot running. I have heard a lot of positive feedback on natural running and when I go for a run on a sunny summer day, now and than I even run in to barefoot runners, which is the superlative of natural running. Quite simply, natural running means landing on your mid-foot or forefoot instead of your heel, thereby causing much less impact and force on your body, a more relaxed running form and a faster run with the same amount of effort. Natural running therefore offers many benefits to the runner. 


Kinvara 4 mimics barefoot running - in style!

Saucony’s Kinvara 4 minimalist natural running shoe


Saucony’s new Kinvara 4 running shoe is a light weight minimalist running shoe that feels like a regular running shoe, while preserving attenuation to protect joints. Although Saucony’s new collection is only available from May 1, 2013, I got a sneak peek into what to expect that I’d like to share it with you.



The first thing that strikes me the most is the colorful look of the Kivara 4 Women’s collection; the collection is characterized by a wide pallet of bright and fluorescent colors: purple/pink/citron, white/grey/vizipro coral, citron/black/pink, blue/orange and black/pink.

 I am so happy that within sports apparel, more attention is paid to appearance! If women find an appealing look of their every day clothes important, than why not extend this to your sports outfit? Well, I do find this pleasurable myself. How about you?

Fluoresent yellow Saucony Kinvara 4 women running shoe

 Saucony’s Kinvara 4 Women in fluorescent yellow  – available from May 1st, 2013



Saucony's Kinvara 4 Men's. Copyright:

Saucony’s Kinvara 4’s are also available for men in a wide range of color combo’s.




With only 218 grams of weight, the Kivara 4.0 is a real lightweight, increasing the feeling of running barefoot, not to mention the feeling of the shoes adding up to your speed, like you’re flying! 😉 Furthermore, the difference with conventional running shoes is that the heel is only slightly lifted (4mm heel-to-toe differential), which creates a midfoot-forefoot style of running. An adjusted FlexFilm overlaying the forefoot allows increased breathable, an even more streamlined fit and gives the feet more freedom to move. Damping material of the shoe is performed in upgraded PowerGrid for improved cushioning, which ensures softer landing and a reduced impact on the joints.


Kinvara 4 women's running shoes

Kinvara 4 women's running shoes

Kinvara 4 women's running shoes


My current pair of running shoes are  plain white, nothing fancy about that at all. Those other girls at the gym kind of make me jealous with their lovely pink sneakers. But here’s the good news: my old running shoes are about a year old, which means I get to get a new pair! Guess which ones I’m gonna get? Hell yeah! :))


Want your own fancy Kinvara 4 running shoes? The official drop date for the Kinvara 4 is May 1st, 2013. Get them at or visit your running specialist. Prices range from € 125, – to € 140,-



So what do you think of the new collection?



Watch the video for a Saucony Kinvara 4 review:





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