Monday, December 9 at 22:30 is the day: CBS broadcasts the famous Victoria’s Secret fashion show. During a whole hour we can enjoy watching beautiful amazones with amazing bodies parade on the catwalk in lingerie.

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Six-packs and chips

Six-packs fill the screen while you unconsciously munch from bowl of chips. Suddenly you are over-aware of the skin roll bulging over your jeans. Spontaneously you decide to eat helahty, ban candy and from tomorrow on, you’ll go hard in the gym; a Victoria’s Secret Angel body is your new goal!


So, you want a Victoria’s Secret body. Nice goal, but a Victoria’s Secret Angel body requires a lot of work and discipline. For example: Romee Strijd, one of the Victoria’s Secret models, strikingly wrote on the Vogue blog:

“On the one hand, I find it super cool to be an Angel (ambassador of Victoria’s Secret, ed.), but on the other hand, you have to be lean and bikini-ready all year round and that’s not so easy for me. For this posture I do quite a lot. I have to workout every day and closely watch my diet. If I ever get the chance I’d grab it, of course, but it would not be easy for me. “

romee strijd at training camp in tulum with michael olajide

VS model Romee Strijd during bootcamp in Tulum, Mexico, with former boxing champion Michael Olajide – source

Still interested in having a Victoria’s Secret body?

No carbs

Just like the other Victoria’s Secret models, Romee works hard during the month before the show to be ultimately lean during the show. In preparation for the casting she already followed a heavy box training camp. Furthermore, according to Vogue, she trained twice a day and decreased her carb intake last month.

training schedule Michael Olajide bootcamp victorias secret model romee strijdA tough schedule Romee during boxing camp in preparation for the US castings – source

Rock hard

To appear rock hard on the catwalk on a particular day, it is possible to apply last-minute methods that make the VS models look extra lean on that day – I will not go into detail about that. In the long term, use of these methods would be required to continuously have a Victoria’s Secret body, but applying these methods in the long term is very unhealthy.

Whole year round

In addition, as Romee already described, it is very difficult to be in perfect shape the whole year round. Living on zero carbs while you work out twice a day is not something you can or should stick to. The Victoria’s Secret models are therefore not the whole year round in perfect shape, but they know when they have a show or shoot and thus need to take off their clothes. They can thus prepare for these situations.


The ultra-sleek body that you’ll see on the catwalk during the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is just a snapshot. A snapshot that most of these women work ahead for the whole year round plus the month prior, using a team of personal trainers, chefs and a bag of money (the Angels have a contract).These women are professional athletes!

Bottom-line: you may of course strive for a Victoria’s Secret body, but be aware of the (professional) situation these lovely ladies are in.

Enjoy the show!



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