[dropcap]A[/dropcap]phrodite: the Greek mythodolic goddess of love, fertility and sexuality. Sex was an important part of the lifes of the ancient Greeks (it were the Greeks that invented sex toys like dildos!). By eating certain foods, the Greeks improved their sexlife by arousing lust and intensifying their sexual desire; the so called aphrodisiacs. These foods were quite exotic, like hippo snouts and hyena eyeballs, just to name a few.

Aphrodisiacs nowadays
Nowadays, we have maintained eating specific foods with the purpose of improving our sex life. In Asia, for instance, they believe the durian, a 30 cm long fruit that’s being sold alongside of the road,  has aphrodisiac powers. In Java they say: “the durians fall and the sarongs come up”. That sounds very promising. When I was on a trip to Asia, I had the chance to get acquainted with the durian. The smell was so bad though, that my libido actually dropped dead, instead of getting higher. It is odd that a fruit that has such a penetrating odour that it is excluded from public transportation, is being reasoned for it’s positive effect on the libido.

Increasing your libido
Many aphrodisiacs come from Greek mythology and their effectiveness haven’t been proven, but there aren’t counterarguments for their effectiveness either. Some foods work as an aphrodisiac just because of psychological reasons like it’s phallic shape (a classic: the banana). But there actually are some natural aphrodisiacs that have been scientifically proven to increase testosterone levels and indirectly raising the libido. One of these best known aphrodisiacs are oysters. They are high in zinc, which positively affects the testosterone production. A nice side effect of increased testosterone levels: the higher your testosterone level, the easier it is to build some muscle.

So, if you want to get it going on tonight, you can either serve your love a hippo snout, or you can rely oysters, or one of the libido increasing foods listed below:

Durian fruit
Maca (a Peruian herbaceous biennial plant)
Chili pepper
Pine nuts
Water melon
Red wine


Have a great night! 😉



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