On a work free, lazy sunday there is nothing I like to do more than attending a Power Yoga class and detox.






Power Yoga is a Western version of the original Indian Yoga and focusses more on strength and getting lean than the original Yoga. Power Yoga is less spiritual, athough sometimes I skip class earlier so I don’t have to attend the breathing and getting in touch with your inner self exercises.

Taking positions that follow each other up quickly stretch and strengthen your muscles without making them looking bulky. Power Yoga makes your heart rate rise, which makes this workout a great fat burner too.

But the benefits don’t stop here. Power Yoga works as a detox; it flushes out toxins, cleanses your system (from the sugars in the pie your aunt made you eat at her birthday party) and fosters blood circulation for a healthy, glowing skin.

Looking forward to attending my weekly Power Yoga class already 🙂



Curious to see what the rest of my workout regime excists of?  Read about it here!




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