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Raw Flaxseed Crackers { Gluten Free }
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Why Raw Food is Good + Raw Flaxseed Cracker Recipe

Last week I was checking my awesome Quattro Stagioni jars for forgotten superfoods. Indeed, I had completely forgotten that somewhere behind the other jars of goji berries, chiaseeds and hemp protein, there was a jar of flaxseeds.   Flaxseeds are a must in a healthy diet, so I ended up making a bunch of raw flaxseed …


Vegan Coconut-Oatmeal Breakkie with Fruit & Nuts

[dropcap]I [/dropcap]haven’t had this lovely tummy warmig breakkie in a long time, I missed it! Why it’s so good: this breakkie is vegan, making use of coconut milk instead of i.e. cowmilk. Hurray for that! Furthermore, this bowl of tummy love may help you shift excess fat by balancing your blood sugar level and hormonal …