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[:en]Fashion Model Anouk (Paparazzi Model Management) About her Workouts & Eating Habits[:nl]Interview: Anouk Sanders (Paparazzi Model Management) Over Sport & Voeding[:]

[:en]How international fashion model Anouk Sanders (Paparazzi Model Management) gets her beautiful body? By no means by excluding chocolate from her diet![:nl]Hoe internationaal fashionmodel Anouk Sanders (Paparazzi Model Management) aan dat mooie lijf komt? In ieder geval niet door chocola af te zweren. Ik vroeg Anouk naar haar sport- en eetgewoonten. Ze vertelt je er graag meer over. Lees je mee? [:]

3 Workouts die je Op Het Strand Kunt Doen

[:en]Are you going to lay on the beach this weekend? Go early and kick-start your day with one of these workouts that you can perform on the beach, in your bikini.[:nl]Ga je dit weekend op een handdoekje aan zee liggen? Ga op tijd op pad en begin je stranddag met één van deze workouts die je op het strand, in je bikini, kunt doen.[:]

[:en]Candice Swanepoel’s Full-Body Ballet Workout[:nl]Candice Swanepoel’s Full-Body Balletworkout[:]

[:en]What a pleasure to look at this video. This woman moves so graceful and elegant! Light as a feather and with gentle movements Candice Swanepoel (IMG Models) gambols through the screen. I think back at my own experiences with classical ballet and wonder if I should sign up with a ballet studio soon (my gym unfortunately doesn’t offer ballet booty barre yet). I have ballet jitters! [:nl]Werkelijk, ik vind het een genot om naar te kijken, deze video. Wat beweegt deze vrouw mooi! Licht als een veertje en met zachte bewegingen drentelt Candice Swanepoel door het beeld. Ik denk met weemoed terug aan mijn eigen ervaringen met klassiek ballet en vraag me af of ik me misschien toch maar eens moet gaan aanmelden bij een balletstudio (mijn sportschool biedt namelijk helaas nog geen ballet booty barre aan). Ik heb balletkriebels! [:]

Less Mills GRIT-Strenght-perfect model workout

Workout Trends | Les Mills GRIT-strength

Hello dear readers! It’s been a while since I shared something with you about my workout regimen.Therefore, today I give you an update on this. However, do I actually have something new to report in this area? Sure do!

Last Sunday I participated in a GRIT strength workout – a new workout by Les Mills -: very heavy, but (or rather ‘therefore’) so much fun!

lisa marie, the host of, makes women and men sweat!

Top 5 Best Free Home Workout Video Channels and PlatformsTop 5 Best Free Home Workout Video Channels and Platforms

Although I like to go to the gym, sometimes I just can’t (being on a trip with a team and no gym in the hotel makes going to a gym kind of impossible) or don’t feel like going (too cold outside, bad hear day, smelly armpits … you name it). In such cases, a YouTube workout video saves my ass. And so will these 10 free home workout channels save yours (yes, figuraly as well as literally speaking).