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Quick food vlog: goat cheese and apple salad
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Snelle Food Vlog || Salade met Geitenkaas & Appel

Hoi meiden! Ken je dat? Dat je gezond wilt eten, maar de inspiratie een beetje mist. Dat het boodschappen doen in de supermarkt tergend lang duurt, alleen maar omdat je minstens een kwartier naar de groentenschappen staat te staren. Totally out of inspiration. Dat kan ik natuurlijk niet laten gebeuren!

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Modellenwerk in Seoul: Modellenappartement, Bananenboot & Naar Huis

How did fashion model and guest blogger Emma end up on a banana boat during a modelling job in Korea? In this guest article Emma looks back on her time in Seoul, Korea, where she was on stay for three months to model.

Emma: “My 3 month contract is about to come to an end, which makes these my last days in Seoul. I have seen models arrive at the model apartment I’m staying in and leave. Yes, apartment! 😉 Some people are surprised about the fact that I am staying in an apartment, because they think that when you are a model, you live in luxury or the best hotels. On the contrary; I live in a normal house, with other models from around the world.”