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“Great body & skin” by Angela Willemse

ModelsDoEat.com is a great blog on which model and actress Jill De Jong shares her passion for food, cooking, health, sports and nutrition. I am happy to be featured on her website with an interview!       Models Do Eat: “This beautiful long legged redhead is Angela Willemse. Great body, great skin, no wonder her fantasticblog is named www.greatbodyskin.com. This knowledgeable& beauty shares all her amazing recipes, work-outs and tips for healthy skin.As a model Angela knows first hand what it’s like to live a balanced healthy lifestyle with the requirements of the fashion industry in mind. Curious to find out if she diets, counts calories and if she’s obsessed with her weight? Read on; she’ll tell you everything!”  

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justine legault elle quebec

With good intend, magazines often have curvy/black/’old’/whatever models featured on their cover or in their magazines. What bothers me, is that this becomes kind of gimmick-y, because across the image of these curvy / black / ‘old’ / whatever models, there is this huge ‘curvy / black / ‘old’ / whatever’ label.  

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Interview – Fashion Model Angela Willemse

Angela Willemse

A while ago, friended model platform Modellist-ID interviewed me about my work as a model and everything that goes with it. I thought it might be nice to share it with you to get to know the person that preps these delish recipes for you a little better 😉   

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Miranda Kerr’s Sugar- and Gluten Free Apple and Banana Oat Muffins

Miranda Kerr beauty and diet secrets

Supermodel Miranda Kerr – former VS Angel and wife of hottie Orlando Bloom – knows that a healthy diet complements her skin and overall beauty.   One of her beauty secrets is that she doesn’t eat sugar or gluten. Does that make you think she doesn’t have her indulgencies? The opposite is actually true! Here’s one of her favorite recipes for gluten- and sugar free banana-oat muffins to prove it.

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