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Vegan Coconut-Oatmeal Breakkie with Fruit & Nuts

[dropcap]I [/dropcap]haven’t had this lovely tummy warmig breakkie in a long time, I missed it! Why it’s so good: this breakkie is vegan, making use of coconut milk instead of i.e. cowmilk. Hurray for that! Furthermore, this bowl of tummy love may help you shift excess fat by balancing your blood sugar level and hormonal …

Christmas Avondeten High Protein Low Carb/Unrefined Sugar Free Special Occasion

Skinny Starter: Fresh and Light Shrimp Cocktail

My favorite starter that I just can’t get enough of is a shrimp cocktail. In most restaurants it is served with a very greasy mayonaise sauce though, so I started experimenting to make it a little lighter and lower in calories. The result is a fresh and spicy shrimp cocktail that  is quick, healthy  and waistline friendly. (meer…)