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Comforting Spicy Pumpkin Halloween Soup with Apples & Coriander

pumpkin soup

Eating seasonal foods is the best choice for your health, wallet and taste buds. October is pumpkin season: besides Halloween symbols and a yummie, versatile vegetable, pumpkin is full of powerful nutrients that treat acne, slow down premature skin aging, restore water balance, aid in weight loss and even reduce your chances of developing certain types of cancer (National Cancer Institute).   Here’s a recipe for spicy pumpkin Halloween soup to comfort you on Halloween’s night and nourish your body during the darker autumn months. 

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Low Carb Coconut Flour Spinach Pancake

Low carb gluten sugar dairy free savory spinach pancake. Image by desegura89 @ Flickr

Good morning, this is your pancake girl speaking. Today’s pancake recipe is a savory variation on the pancake recipes that I previously shared with you. As you are used to from me, it is of course gluten, sugar and dairy free. Bon appetit!

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Make Your Own Raw Vegan Sushi Maki Rolls

Raw vegan sushi rolls

Like many others, I am a big fan of sushi: maki, nigiri, California rolls, temaki … you name it, I love it! However, there is one thing about sushi and the sushi hype that is very disappointing to me, making going out with friends at a nice sushi place get a nasty aftertaste.  

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