Today I want to talk about food binges. Binge eating is different from overeating and overindulging at, let’s say, Christmas dinner; a binge is characterized by a feeling that one cannot stop or control the binge, while someone who overindulged at Christmas dinner can. 

A binge is also defined by consuming more food in a faster pace in a certain period of time than other people do; consuming thousands of calories in 2 hours or less is typical for a food binge (so eating that whole bag of chips is definitely not a binge).

Furthermore, a binge is accompanied by physical or emotional stress and shame; someone that binge eats, regularly eats alone and hides binge food packages.

binge eating monster

Binge eating little monster, totally out of control 😉 Source

Someone that suffers from binge eating most likely wants to get rid of binges, as binges cause a lot of stress. There are a few ways to control binge eating, which include a psychological and dietary approach. In this article I share a few tips on how you can stop these binges through a dietary* approach.

Tip 1: Don’t be to hard on yourself

A binge may well stem from the fact that you allow yourself almost nothing and barely eat delish stuff every now and then. You’re being too  hard on yourself! What happens when you never allow a child candy? The urge to have candy increases and the child may even secretly indulge and probably overindulged on candy when you are not looking. Therefore: allow yourself a treat every now and then. Having small packages of food around the house are safe and prevent overeating. Treat yourself occasionally; the probability that the urge to binge on food decreases will be great!

Tip 2: Eat enough and regularly

Many binges arise from lack of food and extreme compensation behaviour after previous binges. It makes sense that the desire to overeat decreases if you consistently give your body enough food. Eating an adequate and amount of food and eating regularly is one the most important steps to get rid of binges. 

binge eating


Tip 3: Stop losing weight

The more you focus on losing weight, the more the focus will be placed on eating, the more the urge to binge will increase. Have eating and exercising in a healthy way as your primary goal. Only when you let go of the focus on losing weight, the chances of binge eating will decrease.


Do you suffer from binge eating due to a bad diet or psychological or emotional stress? If you ever want to talk to someone that is familiar with your problem, drop me a line for support! If prefered, I can also refer you to my partners Roos & Jo; mental coaching for models.

Binge eating is not only caused by a wrong eating pattern and (not always) compensational behavior; binge eating is typically accompanied by psychological and emotional stress as well.

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