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Beautytips voor modellen, maar ook voor niet-modellen. Ik heb een gevoelige huid en hecht waarde aan dierenwelzijn. Mijn voorkeur gaat daarom uit naar zachte, natuurlijke, proefdier-vrije verzorgingsartikelen en make-up.

Give-Away: Organic Vegan Madara Skin Care Products – closed

An organic, vegan lifestyle doesn’t stop with food. It contains organic, vegan skincare too.             Organic, vegan, chemical-free skincare by MADARA MADARA products contain extracts from plants growing in the Baltic region and possess active substances that nourish and protect your skin. Regular cosmetics have increased risk causing skin allergies, irritations and inflammations that may arise from chemical ingredients. MADARA skincare products are entirely natural and ecological certified according to the international ECOCERT standard, meaning they are chemical free; no synthetic perfumes, synthetic preservatives like parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol and other synthetic ingredients. In addition, during the production and packaging process, the environment is taken into account as much as possible and of course, all products are animal and allergy free.  The range of MADARA includes 44 natural products in different lines (FACE, ANTI-AGE, BODY. HAIR & BABY). Read more about MADARA on their corporate website or shop MADARA online.   Give-away In collaboration with Vitaminstore I am giving away a € 47,90 worth package of  MADARA skincare products, containing a deep purifying foam (150 ml), a deep balance toner (200 ml) and a deep moisture fluid (50 ml), for normal, oily or dry skin. Find the packages here.     How to win  There are three options: Follow Great Body & Skin on Twitter and retweet the picture that you see below on Twitter (you’ll find the picture on the Great Body & Skin Twitter account). Follow Great Body & Skin on Instagram, like the picture on Instagram and share the picture on Instagram  (you’ll find the picture on the Great Body & Skin Instagram account). Like Great Body & Skin on Facebook, like the picture on Facebook and share the picture on Facebook  (you’ll find the picture on the Great Body & Skin Facebook page).     The winner will be announced on March 14.     @greatbodyskinthank you for the great opportunity of becoming a winner!! — Gretel Bravatti (@SuharmiisGretel) 6 maart 2013 @greatbodyskin I would loveeee to win !!!!!! Liked shared and loved — Stephanie♡Bas 221009 (@Stephaniiie2110) 21 februari 2013        

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Beautiful Skin with Green Wheatgrass Detox Juice

Beautiful skin with green wheatgrass juice. Copyright:

My green wheatgrass juice is full of healthy ingredients and powerful beautifying nutrients that are linked to detoxifying abilities, which treat skin problems such as acne and psoriasis and slow down skin aging. Drinking a green wheatgrass detox juice is therefore the way many models start their day.

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Fix your stress, control your fat

Aveda stress fix

Stress raises the cortisol hormone, which causes an increase of glucose in the bloodstream. We all know what that does to our body ... right! They create muffin tops, the belly roll and lovehandles. So what do we do? We minimize the stress! Read how I do so and how you can minimalize your cortisol level.

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