Wheatgrass is a powerful beautyfood that treats skin problems such as acne and psoriasis and slow down skin aging. A good reason to start juicing!

Wheatgrass is probably quite new to most of us, but because of its great health benefits has become very popular lately.  Wheatgrass is, as the name suggests, a grass, a young grass, belonging to the wheat family. Celeacs and gluten-sensitives should be careful with wheatgrass: check the label whether your wheatgrass is, or is not gluten-free.

After 8 to 10 days, or even 200 days growing indoor or outdoor, the grass is harvested and sold as fresh produce, tablets, freeze-dried,  slowly dried on medium heat, frozen juice and wheatgrass. The best wheatgrass is from organic, 200 day outdoor growth. Growing outdoor in the sun for 200 days provides the grass with developing extremely healthy nutrients.



Wheatgrass has powerful properties; it boosts the immune system, scavenges free radicals and lows down the aging process, clears the skin by cleansing the blood and detoxifying the liver, increases the energy level, balances blood sugar level, treats bad breath, firms up and tightens gums, can restore fertility, reduces allergic reactions, stimulates the thyroid gland, correcting obesity and indigestion, combats anemia, balances blood PH to normal level, lowers blood pressure by dilating the blood pathways throughout the body, increases red blood-cell count, organs and gastrointestinal tract of debris, stimulates metabolism, strengthens the heart muscle and contains Super-oxide Dismutase (SOD), which is found in all body cells and is known for its ability to lessen the effect of radiation and slow cellular aging.  Last but certainly not least, it would even fight tumors.



Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll and the minerals potassium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium and trace element iron, vitamins A, the B complex, C, E and folic acid, . Wheatgrass is furthermore rich in fiber, enzymes, amino acids and phytonutrients; powerful antioxidants that work to promote overall health. It is relatively high in protein, of which it contains more than broccoli and spinach, which are known for its high protein content. Buy your wheatgrass from Navitas Naturals here.



Wheatgrass can be used as a shot, mixed with a glass of fresh fruit juice, in fruit based smoothies or in vegetable juices. Here is a recipe for a powerful detoxifying green juice.


Strong detoxifying beautifying green wheatgrass juice



Really cool is to harvest and juice your own wheatgrass. I found a really cool organic wheatgrass growing kit ($ 34,95)
that contains everything you need to get started:



You’ll also need a juicer, this is the cheapest I could find ($ 35,99):



The best I found according to reviews are the Hurom Slow Juicer and VERSAPERS.
Have fun juicing and be healthy!




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