Skincare products can actually do more harm than good. Goloy 33 makes a difference, being animal-friendly, toxin-free and based on biologic harvested herbs.

A modelesque skin

As a model I value a healthy facial skin: I want to keep my complexion radiant, my pores to be fine, I prohibit my skin to become oily and I want to keep it hydrated and spot-free . Things that help me to keep my skin in a good condition is by working out, drinking at least eight glasses of water a day,  making sure my diet contains the right nutrients like omega 3 fat, always take off my make-up before going to bed and only using the best skincare products.


Chosing the right skincare product

Now buying the right skincare product can be a little bit tricky: what actually are good skincare products? Should they be judged by price?  By the brands statement? Its absorption ability? Fragrance? Texture? There are many characteristics on what you could judge a skincare product.


Toxic skincare

The most important characteristic to me – and I think should be everyones – is the quality of its ingredients; although skincare products are desinged to nourish the skin, some of them  can actually do more harm than good.  As you might have read in my previous post, toxins in cremes and cleansers, like preservatives and perfume, can enter the body through the skin, resulting in a rash, allergy, acne  or worse.

If you only want the best for your skin, than choose products that are natural and free of toxins.



Toxin-free Goloy 33 – Luxury from Switzerland

A new skincare brand that I have recently discovered that is used by many skincare therapists, is natural and free of toxins is the Swiss originated Goloy 33. Goloy 33 is free of petroleum derivatives, PEG-/PEX-products, citric acid, synthetic emulsifiers/stabilizers (propylene), chemical color, fragrance and flavorings, artificial sun filters and other synthetic substances like  paraben and carbomers.


Herbal, biologic ingredients

The ingredients of Goloy 33 are of high quality, medicinal value: vegetable oils, essences en essential oils solely derived from herbs that are biologically grown or harvested in the wild nourish the skin in the most natural, gentle way. Some of these essential oils that can be found in Goloy 33 products are coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, bergamot oil, Ylang Ylang oil and orangeblossom oil.

All products furthermore contain active oxygen, Himalayan energy salts and biophysicalmineral salts, strengthening the skins natural immune system against internal and external influences.


No animal testing

Although animal testing is not forbidden in Switzerland, Goloy 33 doesn’t test on animals or makes use of animal derived products (except the Massage Shape Vitalize, which contains bee wax); tests are run with voluntary customers.


My experiences with using Goloy 33

Goloy 33 was recommended to me by a friend. I found their philosophy promising and meeting my demands regarding skincare, so I started using Goloy 33’s Face Cream  Day & Night and Clean Vitalize Cleaning Milk & Tonic 2-in-1 four weeks ago. Because I am very satisfied with the results, I want to share my experiences with you.

This is what I, as a demanding model with a sensitive skin, have experienced by using the Face Cream and Clean Vitalize:


* No allergic reaction, which I tend to have quickly when I use a new product.

* It took away the (winter) dryness and that feeling of having a taut skin.

* My skin looks fuller, like if the capacitiy of my skin barrier to keep in the moist has increased.

* It seems to have refined my pores, making my skin look smoother.

* Although I am not sensitive to pimples anymore since I gave up eating dairy, grains and processed sugar and stopped using the wrong skincare products, I haven’t had any pimples since I started using Goloy 33. This could be because Goloy 33 doesn’t contain paraben.


All taken together, I can clearly see that Goloy 33 complements my skin without causing irritation. I would certainly recommend using Face Cream and Clean Vitalize, especially if you have a sensitive skin like mine. To make sure there are no ingredients in these products that could cause an allergic reaction, which I don’t expect to happen, but you never know, you can find all the ingredients from the Face Cream and Clean Vitalize here:

Ingredients Goloy 33 Face Creme Day & Night

Ingredients Goloy 33 Clean Vitalize 2-in-1


Order online and receive a free handcreme

If you are a Benelux inhabitant, you can order your own Goloy 33 facial products online via the webshop. I haven’t found a way yet how to order outside the Benelux, so if someone knows how and where, please let me know and I will update this info.



Goloy 33 and Great Body & Skin give away a package of skincare products containing 150 ml Clean Vitalize Cleaning Milk & Tonic 2-in-1 and 50 ml Face Cream Day & Night, worth € 82,45!



Go to the Facebook Page to win  the package. Anyone can enter the contest! The winner will be announced on January 24th.




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