[dropcap]R[/dropcap]ecently, I spoke with one of my ├╝ber healthy friends about milk. Breast milk that is. This friend is in fact mother of two very cute youngsters, of which the youngest is still being breastfed. She’s not bothered by breastfeeding herself either.

You are reading it right: my friend drinks her own breast milk. I understand you’re thinking “why the hell?”.  I thought the same in first place. I mean, without being rude, I didn’t expect this from a model/flight attendant, I rather expected this from a hippy or so. 

Her reasons for drinking her own breast milk? There’s three of them:

1. During long haul flights, she needs to continue pumping her breast milk. It is not in her nature to throw away ‘food’.
2. Breast milk contains many healthy fats (polyunsaturated fatty acids, to be exact).
3. Actually, it tastes pretty good. A bit sweet .

After a little research among my Facebook friends I found out breast milk is also useful to treat inflammation on the eyes (just rub it in). Anyway, I  wholeheartedly agree with point 1 and 2. To form my opinion about point 3, I will have to perform an N = 1 study. I’ll let you know when I am ready for the study ;). Until that time, I ‘d rather stick to cow milk -free milk alternatives.

Alternatives to cow’s milk (and breast milk)
I recently wrote an article on my blog about the relationship between drinking milk and acne. A few years ago I almost completely quit drinking cow milk. After that, the quality of my skin improved a lot.

Now you might wonder how this poor girl eats her sugar-free granola, buckwheat porridge and chia pudding if she doesn’t consume milk. I can tell you: it’s NOT with water. Nope, I use milk. Just not cow milk. I use cow milk substitutes.


Perfect cow's milk substitute: coconut milk

One of my favorite lactose free cow’s milk substitutes: coconut milk. Copyright: Great Body & Skin


If you’d also like to substitute your cow milk (e.g. because of a lactose intoleracne, because lactose get’s your bowels or skin irritated or because you’re a vegan), then here is a list of 9 tasteful alternatives. You can find them in most supermarkets, the organic section of the supermarket or health food shop.

1. almond milk
2. oat milk
3. rice milk
4. soymilk
5 . hemp milk
6. hazelnut milk
7. coconut milk

I have not yet found these fantastic variations in a supermarket, but they are easy to make yourself:

8. cashew milk

A DIY version of the almond milk :

9. almond-date milk 

Your turn!

1. Do you know a health freak who drinks her own breast milk for health reasons?
2. Do you have additions to this list of animal-free, lactose-free milkies?

Let me know in the comments below !


This article appeared first in Dutch at Foodness.nl

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