Every week plus-size model and advocate of size diversity in fashion and body acceptance Marianne Nykjaer discusses a topic related to these concepts. Last week she discussed “Health at Every Size“. Today Marianne gives 3 tips on how to feel comfortable in your own skin.

In my last article I talked about how we all have a perfect bikini body and that we shouldn’t let our insecurities hold us back (regardless of shape or size). I have read and enjoyed every comment and story, but I found this comment in particular noticable:

I wonder how to get that far? I don’t FEEL comfortable in my body, no matter what size it is

The comment struck a nerve with me because I think a lot of women (including myself) can relate to this. A lot of us do want to feel better about themselves, but really have no idea how to get there and how to get started. Understandably, because we’ve literally had decades of experience in disliking our bodies and very little guidance on how to turn things around.

3 tips to feel comfortable in your skin

Therefore I want to share with you the 3 most important things I did to start feeling comfortable in my body. I approached this as I would approach a bootcamp: giving it 100%.  Because just like everything else in life, you only get results if you put in the work. And while we are all different and all have different demons to battle, I really hope these tips will work for you as well!

body love bootcamp rules

Tip 1: no more trash talk. Ever.

Stop doing this cold turkey. I’m really quite a rational person, but there is a lot to be said about the power of the mind. Constantly telling yourself you are ugly and that you hate certain body parts is literally making you feel worse about yourself.  It’s poison for your mind. So don’t say anything negative about your own body and don’t say anything negative about other women’s bodies.

Getting rid of the habit to do so was not easy for me, but once I got the hang of it it felt like a fog lifting from my brain. I –quite literally – started seeing things differently, including my own body.

Tip 2: get to know yourself

Sleep naked, wear shorts when working out, flaunt those jellybits, let your lover admire you and make kick ass pictures with your friends.

If you’re insecure, there is a good chance your behavior is making you avoid your body. That can be by wearing clothes that cover up parts you don’t like, having sex with the lights off, refusing to look at yourself in mirrors and not wanting to have your picture taken. Whatever it is: how can you feel comfortable with something you avoid as much as possible?

So come on girl, get to know yourself. Sleep naked, wear shorts when working out, flaunt those jellybits, let your lover admire you and make kickass pictures with your friends. It’s just a body, just your body, nothing to be afraid of.

Tip 3: be grateful for everything your body does for you

If you’re not at that point yet where you can appreciate what your body looks like, then at least respect it for everything it does for you.  So what my legs are chubby: I can run, jump and dance like the best. And okay, I have a belly, but it’s sooo soft! And yeah my arms jiggle … but they jiggle while I hug my nephew. Everything works the way it’s supposed to work and that is fucking awesome, so body: thank you.

Will you try the body love bootcamp this summer?

Image: Arno Nieuwhof

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Marianne Nykjaer is a fashion lover, (plus-size) model and blogger. She mainly blogs about diversity in the fashion industry and body acceptance. She's quite into sports and passionate about (healthy) food, but her main focus is on mental health instead of physical health.

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