As a model it is important to have a good skin. I therefore commit to a varied, healthy diet that is packed with nutrients.

There are certain nutrients that are extra beneficial for my skin. These nutrients provide a plump, radiant skin with a vibrant complexion. They furthermore slow down skin aging, prevent dry and dull skin and treat light acne.

Could your skin use a boost? I know exactly what you need!

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Model diet 

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ope, there is no model diet to follow. A healthy skin is about eating more of certain foods on top of your regular diet (referring to ‘diet’ as the daily menu). These foods are packed with nutrients that are beneficial for your skin’s health and its appearance.

These are the most important nutrients that contribute to a healthy skin:

  • vitamin C
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin B3 (niacin)
  • omega 3 fatty acids
  • anti-oxidants
  • lactic acid bacteria

Part 1: Vitamin C

In a six-part series I will give you tips on which foods you’d best eat for a healthy (read: beautiful) skin. Today I start my series with foods that contain a lot of vitamin C.

Blueberries are vitamin C-rich and beneficial for skin health
Lifting a little corner of the veil: blueberries are vitamin C-rich and beneficial for skin health.

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From an external source 

Vitamin C is a nutrient that is not produced by our body. That’s why we need vitamin C from external sources. This can be done by eating vitamin C-rich foods or by taking supplement. Vitamin C is soluble in water; vitamin C tablets are therefore taken with a glass of water. 

Recommended daily amount 

Per day 80 mg of vitamin C is recommended. When you’re sick, when you have an infection, stress or if  you exercise a lot, you need more vitamin C. For example: I take 500 mg per day because I commit to intensive exercise and led a busy life. I take 1000 mg per day when I feel a cold coming up. Taking more than the daily recommended amount doesn’t hurt; there is no maximum on the intake of vitamin C and you will excrete too much vitamin C in you body through your urine. 


Once in your body vitamin C reacts as an anti-oxidant; this protects cells against free radicals. Is this something too theoretically for you: it means that free radical influences from outside and inside of the body can damage cells. This causes skin aging, dark circles, dryness and other disturbances of skin health. Vitamin C protects cells against these “attacks.” 


You have probably already heard of collagen. Perhaps you have even been looking in for creams that contain collagen. Because of your natural skin barrier, however, only little in the collagen is. Your body is also perfectly capable of making collagen itself. Up to a certain age though.

Collagen and menopause

Ladies facing their menopause often find that their skin suddenly slacks accelerated. Besides reduction in muscle tissue as a menopause phenomenon, this has to do with a strong decrease in collagen, which is also a menopause symptom. Vitamin C is needed to produce collagen. Ladies in facing their menopause that want to slow down skin aging are therefore advised to eat an adequate amount of vitamin C-rich foods. 


Suffering from acne? Vitamin C strengthens your immune system, which is beneficial in curbing acne. Vitamin C is also an important nutrient to fight infections, which commonly is the case with mild forms of acne.

Curious about the vitamin C-rich foods? Read on! 

Vitamin C-rich foods

The list below is a collection of foods in which you can find the largest amount of vitamin C per ounce. Try a serving of one of the listed foods every day (or maybe two or three, but one portion should be sufficient) for a healthy and beautiful skin.

Vitamin C

  1. Oranges
  2. Yellow, red and green bell peppers
  3. Chili peppers
  4. Guava
  5. Kale
  6. Turnip greens
  7. Cooked tomatoes
  8. Papaya
  9. Blueberries
  10. Pineapple 


Do you find it difficult to eat serving of this list every day, for example because the foods are not in season or because you’re on vacation? Although I’m more a fan of getting your nutrients from fresh sources, I understand better than anyone that sometimes it is hard to manage a healthy diet. In this case you would be better off by supplementing vitamins, minerals and trace elements

Vitamin C can also be supplement. Personally, I use vitamins by the brand Orthica. The brand is more expensive, but in return you can rely on its high quality. Orthica supplements are yeast-free, sucrose-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, don’t contain ingredients from animal sources, are free from soy protein, non-natural preservatives, synthetic colors, flavors and fragrances. A package of vitamin C with 60 non-acid, 250 mg tablets costs € 13.99 at That equates to 23 cents per day if you stick to a daily dose of 250 mg. 

Unfortunately as far as I know Orthica is not sold in the US, so when you visit Amsterdam, make sure to stack up on Orthica supplements (i.e. at Vitaminstore, which can be found in most big Dutch cities).Another option is to get your vitamin C and supplements in general from the brand NowFoods, which I also use now and then. It’s an excellent 2nd option! I found 500mg veg-caps at Amazon.

In summary

Vitamin C is necessary for a strong immune system. It also contributes to healthy skin and thus to a beautiful skin. Vitamin C is helpful in preventing and reducing various skin disorders. It helps slow skin aging by the positive effect on collagen and can fight mild forms of acne. Vitamin C is not produced by our body. It is therefore important to eat vitamin-rich foods like tomatoes and kale or to supplement vitamin C.


How do you keep your skin healthy? Are there particular foods that you eat or do you rely on supplementing vitamins? 


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