Fashion model and fitgirl Jacomien Roobol fully enjoys the healthy food hotspots she visits when she’s on stay for modeling in Barcelona and LA and those in her hometown Rotterdam. Which hotspots those are? In this interview she shares them with you!
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Q: Hi Jacomien! Can you please share your favorite healthy food hotspots with us?

Rotterdam: Spirit in the Groene Passage; a great veggie/vegan buffet. You pay for what you eat.

Barcelona: Flax&Kale. My all time favorite for sure! When I was in Barcelona, in the country of jámon, for the first time a few years ago, there was almost nothing possible for me as a vegetarian, except for a couple of very unsexy vegetarian restaurants.  When I ordered a vegetarian salad in a restaurant, I often got a tuna or chicken salad. Fortunately by now Barcelona offers many more vegetarian options! For example Flax & Kale. A very stylish restaurant where you can order very creative dishes, delicious smoothies and juices. They offer vegetarian, vegan and fish dishes.

Los Angeles: definitely Whole Foods; a supermarket/healthy take-away. Furthermore the Earth Bar and Café Gratitude.
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Q: Great tips! I love Barcelona, so I will definitely keep these tips in mind. And what about working out? Do you have any favorite places to work out?

Balanz-s Yoga in Rotterdam, Modo Hot Yoga in Los Angeles and outdoor in Barcelona <3
Q: I see you travel a lot. Traveling and working in teams can be exhausting. Do you have tips to stay energized when you are on a job?

I always make sure to have a good breakfast before I go to work: a big bowl of oatmeal or a green smoothie. I furthermore always take an emergency food package with me: unroasted nuts, a healthy bar such as a Näk’d bar and fruit. You never know what’s available on set and when you’ll have lunch. I finally bring coffee and loads of positive energy;)
Q: So you bring your own food on set?

I do! I sometimes make myself a salad, just to be sure, but I usually just bring my snacks. 
Q: Smart! Do you have advice for other models and women that want to eat healthy and lean regarding snacks to bring to work?

Make your own healthy banana/pumpkin bread and bring a few slices to work. You can find plenty of healthy, easy recipes online. All you need for a decent bread is banana, dates, eggs and oats. Nuts and fruit are smart snacks as well.

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You’d better not go for those so called healthy cookies and granola bars, as they usually contain loads of sugar. An exception are those from the organic store. Distinguish the healthy from the unhealthy bars by reading labels.
Q: Thanks for the advice! Something else: you are very well in shape. How do you do so?

I love exercise and try to work out at least every day. This can be strength training floor exercises in the gym one day, an aerobic class the other day and cardio exercises or running the following day. On days I don’t feel like working out I go out for a long, brisk walk. I also like to do hot yoga; the stretch and heat are great for your muscles!

Anyway: I walk a lot on a daily base, just because I like to make long walks and to discover a city by foot. For example: when I have a casting and when I have the time, I prefer going there by foot instead of taking the subway. 


Jacomien voor Marie Claire door David Cohen de Lara
Jacomien (obviously well in shape) for Marie Claire by David Cohen de Lara

Q: Do you combine exercise with a diet?

I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old. I am convinced that supermarket meat from farm factories is unhealthy. This made me decide to never eat meat again. I feel really good about this choice! I make sure that my food contains protein and vitamins in another way, for example by eating legumes, certain vegetables, nuts, eggs and dairy. 

I furthermore try to eat as healthy as possible with little processed products. I try not to make things too hard for myself though. In case I have had enough exercise during the week and ate healthy, I give myself a break during the weekend and have that glass of wine and that piece of cake.
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Q: That sounds like the right mindset. So what does your typical breakfast look like?

It can be different every day. I like oatmeal breakfasts, a green smoothie or a bowl of fruit with yogurt..
Q: Enough healthy food talk: what’s your favorite YOLO food?

KRUIDNOTEN [editor note: a traditional Dutch, cookie-like, small ginger cookie, eaten during the December Sinterklaas holiday]! And carrot cake. I usually automatically get it from an organic store, or somewhere where they make it without sugar. At Flax&Kale for example. Just to make sure it still is a bit healthy ;). I prefer to make the kruidnoten myself as well, in a healthier version. Making them yourself always tastes best!
Thank you again for this interview Jacomien!
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