Great Body & Skin wants to make your stay in the fashion capitals of the world as pleasurable as possible food wise. Starting from today, models will share their healthy food hotspots in the city they live in.
First up is my friend, model, vintage shop owner and fashion blogger Annewil Hokken. She shares with us her Milanese food hotspots that offer a great combination of healthy and real Italian food. Enjoy!

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]i there! My name is Annewil and I’m a friend of Angela. At the moment I live in Milan for modelling. I really enjoy this city and specially the food; it’s so good here! In this article I share with you the real Italian, healthy food hotspots you have to visit when you’re in Milan. 


Fashion model Annewil Hokken

Fashion model Annewil Hokken @ Pop Models Milan

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Annewil having diner with her friends at 'God Save The Food' in Milan

Annewil having dinner with her friends Dave, Eveline and another model at ‘God Save the Food’




Hotspot 1: God Save The Food

Located at Via Tortona 34



Gogol & Company Milan

Gogol & Company Milan

God Save the Food is a good place to enjoy a healthy breakkie, brunch, lunch or dinner with reading or working on your laptop.


Food & Drinks: simply good food. You can go here for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. The menu varies from salads, burgers, vegetarian food and delicious desserts. All food is just what it is: simple and very good.

Specialities: Hummus with pita bread, veggie club sandwich, 7 different juices.

Atmosphere: ‘God Save The Food’ is located in one of the most fashionable streets of Milan. This restaurant is trendy, crowded on every moment of the day and looks nice with the open kitchen. It’s also a perfect place to have a coffee and work on your laptop with wifi.

Price: normal (veggie club sandwich: €13)

Model proof? Yeah, for sure!




Hotspot 2: Gogol & Company

Located at Via Savona 101



Gogol & Company Milan


Food & Drinks: this cute library with cafe is the perfect place to read a book, study or work while enjoying a delicious cappuccino. They also have breakfasts and small lunch foods. Although they’re open till 9 p.m., they don’t have real dinners. Either way, the food you can get here is great!

Specialities: all kinds of coffees, homemade lemonade, granola yoghurt & fresh fruit.

Atmosphere: I think this place has got the nicest atmosphere of all restaurants and cafés here in Milan. One part of the café is furnished as a library and the other part is furnished as a cafe. There is room enough for people that like to study or work in silence or people who like to chat with each other.

Price: low (€ 1.30 for a coffee)

Model Proof? Yes! A perfect place to escape from busy working days and relax with a good book.



Hotspot 3: That’s Vapore

 Located at Corso di Porta Vittoria 5



That's Vapore Milan


Food & Drinks: this healthy juice bar cafe is located right behind the famous Duomo square. You can choose many different juices, which are all equally delicious. Furthermore, they have food like yoghurt, fruit, (pasta) salads and homemade brownies and cookies.

Specialities: juices and homemade lemon pie.

Atmosphere: ‘That’s Vapore’ is all about natural. There are plants and trees inside and the bar is made of wood. Many fruits and vegetables are spread out behind the bar, so everything looks healthy and green. ‘That’s Vapore’ has a nice and quiet atmosphere and offers wifi, so you can work while enjoying a healthy juice.

Price: normal (juice: €5)

Model Proof? For sure! That’s Vapore’ offers a wide variety of healthy food.




Hotspot 4: Salsamenteria Di Parma

 Located at Via Collegio dei Nobili 4 



alsamenteria Di Parma Milan


Food & Drinks: if you want good and real Italian food, you really need to go to this place; the food is amazing! You can order many different plates of cheese or meats, but also pastas like tortelli or lasagne or big salads. They also offer a wide variety of quality wines. Don’t forget to try one of the exquisite desserts!

Specialities: tortelli with pumpkin, parmigiano reggiano with balsamico creme, pecorino with honey, panna cotta.

Atmosphere: this restaurant is located in one of the cosiest neighbourhoods of Milan called Brera. The restaurant has an authentic style and even though it’s a small place, it’s always crowded. Every now and then there’s live music.

Price: normal (tortelli pumpkin: €8,80)

Model Proof? Don’t eat here every day (the food is quite calorie dense), but definitely go here for dinner one night and order everything you like and enjoy!


Are you a model and would you like to share your healthy food hotspots around the world too? Don’t hesitate to contact me by e-mail at angela (@)



Annewil Hokken

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Annewil Hokken studies for her master's degree at the Faculty of Arts, is a fashion blog owner and fashion model.

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