Jacomien: “I think it would be better if agency’s pay attention to whether a girl is fit, works out and lives a healthy lifestyle, instead of letting the measurement tape decide if a girl has the right posture for modeling.” 

A few years ago I met fashion model Jacomien Roobol through the agency we were both with. I got to learn her as a cheerful, spontaneous girl, who saw modeling mainly as a way to discover more about the world. I’d like you to get to know Jacomien as well and so I asked her a few questions about her modeling career and private life.

Q: Hi Jacomien, could you introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Jacomien and I’m from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. At the moment I travel for modeling, but my home bases are Rotterdam and Barcelona. I’ve been modeling fulltime for the past 5 years now.

Q: By which agencies are you represented with?

My mother agency is De Boekers. I am furthermore represented by View Management, M4 Models, IMM Bruxelles, POP models, Unique Denmark, Elite Sweden and Hollywood Model Management.

Q: Those are quite a lot! How did you become a model?

When I was 18 years old I got scouted on the street. I just started university though and wanted to finish it. At that time, to me, modeling meant a little extra income next to my study. When I was 21 years old I graduated and started working fulltime as a model.

Q: First school, than modeling. Good choice! And now: how is modeling going? What are your biggest milestones?

Those are the editorial shoot for the Spanish Harper’s Bazaar, the Telva magazine cover, editorials in Elle and L’Officiel and campaigns for Sephora USA and Pepe Jeans.

Jacomien Roobol (De Boekers) voor Pepe Jeans door Txema Yeste
Jacomien Roobol (De Boekers) for Pepe Jeans by Txema Yeste

Q: Those are some nice publications! So is there anything left on your bucket list, work-wise?

I’d like to do a big beauty campaign and travel more for work! Modeling has brought me to places I’d never come if I wouldn’t be a model. I think that’s fantastic! I’d love to travel more for work and do shoots at amazing locations.

Q: And what is it about modeling that you like so much?

Traveling; discovering cities and – again – shoot at amazing locations. When you are somewhere on stay, you really are an inhabitant of that city, not a tourist. Tat’s quite a different kind of experience. Furthermore: the fact that every day is different and as such, there are no boring days. Last but not least: I love working with creative teams.

Q: Wat have you learned from modeling

To always stay close to myself. I think this is really important in a business in which you have to deal with criticism and rejections. modeling has made me very flexible and independent. I have furthermore learned that friends and family are very important; a steady home base is everything!

Q: Absolutely! As a model you need to be thick-skinned. I can imagine there are also things that you like less about modeling. Do you see room for improvement?

Yes, the requirements regarding measurements. Everybody has a different build. Hip size 89 doesn’t suit every girl.

I think it would be better if agency’s pay attention to whether a girl is fit, works out and lives a healthy lifestyle, instead of letting the measurement tape decide if a girl has the right posture for modeling.

jsvomien voor Cosmopolitan door Elmar Krop
Jacomien for Cosmopolitan by Elmar Krop

Q: I really hope that’s what we’ll see happen in the future! Something different: what are the things that matter to you in your private life?

A happy life with my friends, family and boyfriend!

Q: Your handsome boyfriend! And you are a multiple auntie, so nice! Is there actually anything more you wish for?

Yes! I’d like to see more of the world!

I’d love to see Bhutan, buy a house and grow old happily.

Q: A hypothetic question: what would you do or be if you wouldn’t be a model?

I’d work in he communication business or at a PR agency.

Q: Also nice, but I’d enjoy modeling as long as you can! Many girls would love to have your job! About that: do you have any advice for girls that would like to get into modeling as well? 

Choose a good agency that makes you feel good and that guides you. Furthermore: be kind to yourself and stay healthy.

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Amen and cheers. Thank you for this inteview, dear Jacomien!

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