I’m currently in my 39th week of pregnancy. The requests for modeling jobs are still coming in. The question that is – rightly – being asked is how the quality of my skin is. Despite raging hormones, I’m happy to say it’s good. Today I’ll tell you more about my skin care routine during my pregnancy.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] recently received a request for a shoot and a film for a facial skin care product. The client wanted to see digitals without make-up, so they could see the quality of my skin. So I’ve sent the ones that you can see above (I applied a filter after I sent them to the client to make the images fit better with the look of the website). Luckily I didn’t have anything to worry about, as my skin has remained wonderfully calm during pregnancy. I don’t suffer from acne, sensitive skin, irritated skin, dry spots or pregnancy mask. 

There are more women that do suffer from skin ‘abnormalities’ during pregnancy than those who don’t, though. So what is actually the reason that some woman suffer more from troubled skin during pregnancy than another women? I may be a scientist, but not in the fields of ​​skin or pregnancy. Even though, I do dare to express my suspicion that it is up to both the hormones and genes. In addition, it also seems to be that women carrying a boy, as I do, are less likely to suffer from troubled skin than women who are pregnant with a girl.

So, if a troubled skin is caused by genes and hormones, which we have no control of, is there nothing we can do to keep a troubled skin as calm as possible during pregnancy? I have done my best for that. Whether it works for you, I don’t know, but the least I can do is to share my skin care routine during pregnancy with you. 

As gentle as possible

All the products I used and the actions that I applied on my skin to take care of it were as gentle as possible. This means that I didn’t use those disposable wiping cloths for my skin, but gently cleansed my skin with a wash cloth in the shower. I also used products for sensitive skin. More about these products later in this article.


As I previously wrote, I use a simple wash cloth in the shower. In the morning I simply throw a splash of cold water in my face and gently pat my face dry. After I cleaned my eyes in the evening, I also use the wash cloth to clean my skin. Because I only use a a bit of blusher on my face on, I use no further wash gel, -foam or cleansing milk. I react quickly to the detergents in, cleansers; I therefore only use a gentle cleansing milk on a cotton ball to cleanse my face after I’ve used a little more on my face, after I’ve used sunscreen or after a shoot.

The cleansing milk that I use is one by Dr. Hauschka. The brand is originally a German pharmacy brand that is prescribed on medical advice. My sensitive skin tolerates Dr. Hauschka very well and even many people with eczema respond well to Dr. Hauschka.

Close pores

Shame on me: I don’t always take the time to close my pores. Not smart at all, because a skin with closed is able to better retain its moisture and  thus dries out less quickly. To close my pores, I use a tonic. The ones gentle enough for my skin and to use during my pregnancy are the Dr. Hauschka facial toner and the Kiehl’s calendula extract alcohol free facial toner.

pregnancy skin care


After I washed my face (and closed my pores), I apply a moisturizing cream. I use Dr. Hauschka, the rose cream, to be exact. It’s a nice and thick cream that’s absorbed well. I use it both day and night and also under my eyes.


Of course I also protect my face well. My Nivea BB cream, which I occasionally use, contains an spf 10 (note that this contains alcohol, parfume and parabens though; not the most desired ingredients for healthy skin!). On days when the sun is really strong I use an spf 15 by Lovea. This is a sunscreen without chemicals. Another option is to make your own chemical-free sunscreen. Please note: due to the hormones during pregnancy, you may develop a pregnancy mask. I haven’t developed one and you might not develop one. But beware: your skin is extra sensitive during pregnancy, for sunburn as well.

Furthermore …

Furthermore, there really is no product that I currently use, apart from my eye cleanser. I notice that the more products I use and the more I touch my skin, the more irritated my skin becomes.

Safe brands

Which brands can furthermore be used safely? The brands that I react well to and that have safe products in their range are The Body Shop, Neutrogena and Yes To …

Ingredients to avoid

Finally, I’ll give you some tips on picking out your new pregnancy skin care products. There is in fact a number of ingredients that you should avoid. I’ve listed them here:

  • Retin A/Accutane, Retinoids, Vitamin A
  • All Hydroxy Acids
    – Lactic Acid is an exception
    – Glycolic Acid is doubtful
    – Citric Acid can be used after the 2nd trimester
  • Dihydroxyacetone
  • Hydroquinone
  • Kojic Acid
  • Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Laser Therapy
  • Salicylates
  • Parabens and chemical sunscreens
  • Hyaluronic Acid use during pregnancy (doubtful)
  • Sulfur

The source of this list is 15 Minute BeautyYou can read more about the ingredients over there.

Q: What does/did your pregnancy skin care routine look like? I’m curious about your additional tips. Do not hesitate to leave them in the comments below this article.



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