A bit later than planned: what I have been up to in October? I mainly worked on my blog, picked up on running again after being injured at a photoshoot and had photoshoots and go-sees.


Anouk Sanders (Paparazzi Model Management) spotted me in Greeck Vogue. It has been a while since I shot this job in Milan, so I was quite surprised about this publication.


My bestie made me dinner at her place, while I finished my article for Dutch health food platform Foodness.nl. On Friday afternoons I like to uncork a bottle of red while I finish writing stuff, although this is my last glass of wine since a month!  * something with resolutions *

Me-time: Dexter Morgan (I was just finished with season 7 when full seaon 8 came online, urgh!) and spicy gingerbread.


A day at the office: in hair & make-up for a magazine shoot. According to my travel plan I had to walk half an hour from the bus stop to the shooting locations, but after 20 minutes I wasn’t even half-way, although walking with a brisk pace. Luckily a I could stop a car and the driver dropped me off a the location.


On my way to France by (amongst others) bike for a quicky to meet editorial and commercial clients. 


#Modellife #waiting #coffee #glamour


Indoor HIIT/Tabatha/bootcamp training with a group of girls and 1 guy. Who run the gym? Girls!


Awesome package delivery: my interview in Dr. Hauschka magazine!


Sunday walk in the forest-day! Time off with my boyfriend.


Flash-back to the 90’s! You cannot imagine how many positive comments I got from random people on the street this day!


I like to alternate my workouts. This evening I chose to focus on my abs and attend a core stability training.


I told the Starbucks guy it was my cheat-day and let him chose my coffee. It was huuuuge! Skipped lunch for that day.

An early Sunday morning run – I’m finally fully back after my achilles got injured! – in the forest made it very clear: autumn is here!



… which asked for a typical autumn recipe: Starbucks pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream. Very spicy and belly warming, perfect for these colder days. Blanket, anyone? Brr!


In hair & makeup for a lingerie shoot for Christmas.


I filmed a Halloween make-up tutorial. Twice: I shot the first video on two memory cards, of which the first card got lost. Very mysterious …


Going out for lunch. The quote on the window translates to “a good cake is worth its calories.” Period.


Sunday bakeday! Dough is secretely the best part of bakings. 


Yay, my parents – boondockers – were back in the country, which we celebrated with a glass of wine (or three). I accidentally broke the cork. This is my brother to the rescue.


Me-time again. I do this way to little! I actually do not have the patience for this, but I had a casting for a huge campaign this day, so it was worth it!


Writing a recipe at my kitchen side table, while sipping a glass of wine.


Life is good!



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