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Phew, well ladies, I took making an ultrasound pretty hard. I always thought that I’m as cool as a cucumber, as I pointed out in this video. But here’s the truth: last Monday night I had mascara dripping down my cheeks.

[dropcap]Maarten[/dropcap]  and I had our first experience with the prenatal screening center before when I was 8.4 weeks pregnant. In this video, in which we announced our pregnancy, I explain how I experienced that ultrasound (don’t forget to turn on the subtitles). Back then it was hard to tell for how long exactly I’ve been pregnant, as the embryo was so small. During the 12 weeks ultrasound this is a lot easier!

Long cycle

This week Maarten and I were welcomed for the second time at the prenatal screening center for the 12 week ultrasound. A friendly ultrasonographer let us into her office and asked us to sit at her desk. Last time I had a different ultrasonographer and so, we first looked into some data. She for instance asked me for the first day of my last period. She uses this data to compare it with the calculation of the current duration of my pregnancy according to the ultrasound. She calculates this  by measuring our baby on the screen.

Now I must say that before I had my IUD removed, I didn’t have a menstrual cycle. After I had it removed, I only had 1 cycle, which took a whopping 42 days. Thus I haven’t figured out yet how reliable comparing my cycle with the size of my baby is. Do you know?

Bean on the wall

Anyway, after we went over the data, the lights dimmed and I was directed to the treatment table. I exposed my belly and the ultrasonographer rubbed my lower belly with gel. The projector popped on and soon Maarten and I saw our little one projected on the wall in front of us.

8 weeks ultrasound

The first ultrasound we made at 8 weeks. Hence the great difference between the fully above image at 12 weeks and this one!

5 small toes

The little one had clearly grown in only 4 weeks time. In addition, it showed a lot more shape and it looked much more like a real human being. I could clearly see the outline of its head with a nose, forehead and chin. Also nice: we could see the legs very well; we even saw the bottom of a foot including five small toes! Cuteness overload.

Of course it’s great fun to see our little baby, but the purpose of this ultrasound was purely a medical necessity. The ultrasonographer inspected the baby thoroughly from all sides. We saw a perfect butterfly shape in the brains, a full stomach (the little one takes small sips of the amniotic fluid, and in addition, the stomach is filled with food it receives from me), hardened jawbones and of course a beating heart.

Am I really pregnant?

So far so good, of course we are very grateful. After all, in this video I already indicated that it was difficult for me to imagine that I’m pregnant, as I hardly don’t notice that I am. Therefore I have often asked myself: “am I really pregnant?”. It’s not that I was afraid of it, but I was aware of the fact that there could be a chance that I wouldn’t see a heartbeat anymore in this ultrasound. The opposite seemed true: we even heard the heart beat!


The important thing was now behind us. There was still some time left of our consultation and thus the ultrasonographer really took the time to show us all sides of our little bean. My bladder was well filled, so the ultrasound gave a very clear picture (see fully above image). This provides opportunities for the nub, so I thought. In short, the nub is the beginning stage of the developing genitals, by which you can see if an unborn child is a boy or girl.

Knowing that the nub is visible at the stage I am in now, I couldn’t stop thinking about the nub. In my video I mentioned that I was looking forward to know what the sex is, as this would make my pregnancy more lively. Because last time we saw a fairly strict ultrasonographer (she didn’t allow Maarten to make pictures and no one is welcome except Maarten), but I did not dare to ask if she could see the nub. So I mumbled a cautious “have you actually heard of the nub theory?”.

– A little interruption: wow! You’re still reading! Thank you for that! Do you like to read more about pregnancy or do you like watching video’s about this topic? Follow my YouTube playlist ‘Pregnancy’!


It was our lucky day: this ultrasonographer trained herself in using the nub theory accurately 80% the time and immediately went looking for the nub. Then it happened: the bean moved. Big time!

Mascara on my cheeks

Suddenly we saw that the kid fully stretched its strikingly long legs. It then tossed its legs over the head and we witnessed a real somersault. Mom was very happy to see that the little one is so lively. I was so glad, that I felt a tear welling up and soon black streaks of mascara ran down my cheeks. Of course the latter was because my mascara is not waterproof and ran into my eyes; stung as hell! My boyfriend didn’t seem to notice, so I received a big comforting kiss on my forehead.

It was because of the sudden somersault that we had to wait a little for a good position to find the nub. As if a our bean was a prude and didn’t want to be looked at its nub! Soon though the ultrasonographer found the nub and asked if I wanted to know the sex. At that time I actually saw the nub and sex very clear, and the ultrasonographer confirmed my suspicion. I will remain silent about the sex until we have 100% certainty about this. Of course I’ll tell you when I know more!


After the ultrasound we drove home in our car and immediately called my parents in law to tell them in details all about what we just saw. Once at home we had a Skype call with my parents in Andalusia and my brother. We could not resist to tell them the prediction according to the nub theory. It turned out that both me and my in-laws, parents, brother and sister-in-law had the same feeling in respect to the gender. Would it eventually be correct? I am very curious … in 2 (long, long) months, during the 20-week ultrasound, we’ll know more.


So for how long have I really been pregnant, according to this ultrasound? After the ultrasonographer measured our baby a couple of times, she set the age of our baby at 11.4 weeks. That’s one day longer than estimated during the 8-week ultrasound. This means that I will probably give birth on 3 September. We can’t wait!


Have you ever been pregnant? How did you experience this?

What I’m particularly curious about is how you experienced the 1st trimester of your pregnancy. Did you have any pregnancy complaints? Until when did you keep it a secret that you were pregnant? Did you have to get used to the idea that you were or are pregnant? Did your boyfriend/husband have to get used to your pregnancy?

Furthermore, I am curious about what you want to know from me about my pregnancy. I can for example tell you more about the nub theory (in a blog or in a video), but I would also like to tell you how I got pregnant so quickly after the removal of my IUD.

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