Hi girls! Picture this: you have been eating healthy for a while now. All is going well, but lately everytime you’re in the grocery store at the fresh food section you are staring at the veggies for at least 15 minutes … totally out of inspiration. 

Of course I can not let that happen!

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Simple and everyday

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]  sometimes get messages via Facebook asking for quick tips. Unfortunately, I am not able individually response to everyone, that’s why I came up with something new. I’m going to capture my simple and everyday (do not expect haute cuisine!), (mostly) healthy cookings, dinners, lunches, breakkies and easy recipes in vlogs.

Don’t feel like reading

Of course I already am blogging about what I eat in my “Model Food Diaries“, but in these diaries I do focus on more than one meal. In these diaries I also tell a bit about what I did that week or day. Another big difference is that the Model Food Diaries are writings, while vlogs are short, unedited video’s. Sometimes watching a video is simply preferred over reading text; after all, I am sure you are not always in the mood to read.

What do you think?

The above video is a first try-out. It doesn’t go very fluent yet (sorry for the “uh’s”, I filmed it very spontaneously), but I promise it will be better. Taking that in consideration, I’m curious what you think of the video and the concept in general. Handy? To be repeated?

If you like, I can do these kind of vlogs more often. I like doing it and enjoy helping you get inspiration for healthy, easy cooking/food inspiration. 

I am looking forward to your opinion! You can leave your comment in this blog, in the video comments on YouTube or talk to me on Instagram or Twitter.

Thank you for watching, I hope this vlog was helpful!

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