It can bring you to despair: an ever-recurrent cystitis. Cranberry juice, beet juice, drinking plenty of water … nothing seems to help, making you dependent on those nasty antibiotics. I’ll give you 2 tips that you may never have heard of, but which might make a big difference for you.

Pelvic floor

I sat there with 6 other preggers: in a circle, bouncing on a fitness ball. It was the end of our pregnancy fitness session, which we always close with a series of group exercises and the opportunity to ask questions. The exercises we did that day were focused on strengthening the pelvic floor: squeeze, as if you’re holding your pee, and relax.

As such, we got to talk about cystitis; something that pregnant women are more likely to get than non-pregnant women. The physiotherapist that led our session said that she had a few tips to reduce the risk of a bladder infection. Now you might not be pregnant, but you can also benefit from her tips as a non-pregnant woman that regularly has cystitis.

Remaining urine

The tips may sound a bit complicated, but I will try to explain as much as possible:

When you’re done peeing, urine may remain urine in the urethra. This is because the urethra is not a single straight tube, but it has a kind of ‘edges’ at the end of the tube,which can cause urine to remain in the urethra. This allows bacteria to multiply, which in turn can cause cystitis.

It is therefore important to ensure that no urine stays left behind those edges. Here’s how to do so:

Tip 1. Pee in seated position

Àlways urinate sitting with your feet flat on the floor, your legs at a 45 degree angle. I know: especially in public restrooms you might feel uncomfortable sitting down on the toilet seat (although the toilet seat is actually cleaner than the tap), but in case you often suffer from cystitis, you’ll have to. A tip: cover the toilet seat with a layer of toilet paper to keep your buttocks clean. By peeing sitting your urethra is more straight, urine can better find its way out and you’ll have the least chance that urine will remain in your urethra.

Tip 2. Wiggle

This wasn’t all: you’ll have to give remained urine a helping hand.  You do this by keeping your upper body still while sitting on the toilet and first leaning your lower body forward. Next, lean backward, then move left and move right. Compare it with a skewed cup of water, making the water go over the edge. So far, I have only tried this wiggling on a ball, but I can imagine that this performing this tip sitting on a toilet is a little more challenging.

I myself had never heard of these tips before. Chances are they are new to you as well. That’s why I wanted to share them with you! I hope you find them useful.

Q: What are your tips to reduce the risk of a bladder infection?


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