Would you scoop twelve spoons of sugar in your tea? Or add five of them to your juice? No? Well, than why would you drink soft drinks? 











The sense and nonsense of energy drinks

Look at the picture above. One of the most well known soft drinks in the picture is Red Bull. At least, if I have to believe what I see on the streets, at work, in public transport or wherever; Red Bull is very well represented. It’s a popular drink and not without reason: one can of Red Bull provides you with the amount of caffeine equivalent to 6 cups of coffee. After a rough weekend, Red Bull drags you through the day. But its not only the caffeine that keeps you from feeling sluggy; a big part of the energy Red Bull provides you with comes from the sugar in it. Sadly enough, these sugars only provide a quick fix to your energy level. The sugars make your blood sugar level spike like crazy – the moment when you feel energized – and subsequently decline even faster maybe. You feel sluggy again and need another energy drink; the increase of your energy level was short-lived.


Sugar content in energy drinks

Redbull contains seven cubes of sugar. This sugar is processed, meaning that it has no nutritional value, just calories. The same holds for the other drinks on the picture. The amount of sugar in Coca Cola is ten cubes. Pepsi Lemon is topping Coca Cola off and the one you definately don’t want to take is Stewart’s Black Cherry, containing 12 sugar cubes per small bottle. Be aware of the fact that not only soft drinks, but also non-fresh juices contain a lot of added sugar. Be a smart girl and prohibit this by taking an upclose look in your fridge and examining the content labels of your drinks. Good alternatives for soft drinks are tea, sparkling water, freshly squeezed fruit- and vegetable drinks. Almond-, rice- and soy milk are also good alternatives, but when buying them in the store, try to find a brand that doesn’t add sugar.




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